September Birth Flower: Aster


The aster is the September birth flower. Part of the daisy family, it is a composite flower, which means that it is made of a central core of tiny flowerheads surrounded by long petals. The aster is a wildflower with more than 600 species, with colors ranging from white to red and orange. However, the aster is known best for its striking bluish-purple color. This September flower is also one of the most colorful flowers of fall.

According to the ancient Greeks, the aster flower came to be when the Greek god, Astraea, was saddened by how few stars were in the sky. One night, she was so upset that she began to cry. As the tears streamed down her face and hit the ground, they turned into beautiful star-shaped aster flowers. In Greek, aster means “star.”

Aster Meanings and Symbolism


As the September birth flower, asters are known to symbolize wisdom, valor and faith. Different aster colors can also carry different meanings:

  • Purple asters symbolize wisdom and royalty. Historically within European civilizations, members of the royal family wore purple to signify their nobility. Purple asters are the most popular color.

  • White asters symbolize purity and innocence, as well as new beginnings.

  • Red and pink asters symbolize undying devotion.

September Birthstone


The sapphire is the official birthstone of September. Named for its rich blue color, sapphire means “blue” in Greek. It is a classic stone that symbolizes trust and honesty, making it one of the most popular engagement gemstones — second only to diamonds.

Blue is the classic color of the sapphire, the more rich and pure the blue color, the more valuable the gem. Few people know that there are other colors that sapphires have, including: pink, coral, yellow, orange and violet.

The most valuable sapphires come from Burma, where the gemstone is prized for its symbolism of faithfulness. According to Burmese legend, there was a monk who visited the temple of Lao-Tsun every day, where Tsun-Kyan-Kse, a sapphire-eyed goddess presided. Every day, the monk was accompanied by his green-eyed Siamese cat, Sinh.

One day, the temple was attacked by thieves, and Sinh jumped on the monk’s chest to protect him, saving the day by scaring away the attackers. As a gift, the goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse offered the green-eyed cat her sapphire blue eyes. To this day, blue-eyed Siamese cats still protect the temple — a phenomenon since the original eye color of this cat species is actually green.

September Zodiac Horoscope


According to the zodiac horoscope, both Virgos and Libras are born in September.

Virgos are characterized as loving, sympathetic, sensual, faithful, moody, and instinctive. Virgos born between September 1st and the 22nd will carry on the tendencies of the preceding astrological sign, the Leo. Therefore, those born on the Virgo-Leo cusp are known to be intellectual with a bright outlook on life. September Virgos require validation and recognition for their hard work and are not shy to step out and take full credit for it. Their introverted and extroverted qualities allow them to easily associate with many types of people.

Libras are characterized by as refined, social, artistic, and communicative. Libras born between September 23rd and the 30th fall on the Libra-Virgo cusp. The September Libra will exhibit the analytical qualities of the Virgo, making it difficult to form relationships with others. Additionally, the Libra is a sign of health, and Virgo is a sign of sociability so juggling between these two disciplines is a challenge.

Famous Birthdays In September

  • Beyonce, Grammy-award winning artist, September 4th.

  • Adam Sandler, famous comedian, September 9th.

  • Will Smith, Oscar-nominated actor, September 25th.

  • Malcolm Gladwell, economist and author of The Tipping Point, September 3rd.

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