What to Consider When Sending the Perfect Thanksgiving Flowers

Beautiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

There are certain flowers we automatically associate with a particular holiday (like red roses for Valentine’s Day or poinsettias for Christmas). But what about Thanksgiving? You likely think of centerpieces in bright autumnal hues, but did you know there are special reasons we traditionally use particular flowers at Thanksgiving? Here’s what goes into the perfect Thanksgiving arrangement.

Flowers that Speak to the Season

The stars of a Thanksgiving bouquet are seasonal fall blooms like mums, pom poms, sunflowers, and snapdragons that thrive during this time of year. Eucalyptus and berries, often used for texture in a centerpiece, and roses in an autumnal palette are other favorite seasonal additions. And the seasonality goes beyond the blooms selected. Many Thanksgiving centerpieces feature candles, knowing that the sun sets early in late November, so your centerpiece should contribute to the perfectly lit dinner table.

There Are a Few Hidden Messages with Flowers

Every flower symbolizes something unique, meaning any flower arrangement has a narrative behind it. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, while orange roses—depending on the hue—can mean life and passion (bright orange) or gratitude (softer peach tones). Red chrysanthemums are a symbol of love, snapdragons can mean graciousness, and sunflowers represent loyalty and longevity. All perfect sentiments for a holiday where we give thanks.

Centerpieces Are Meant to Get You Talking

No matter what centerpiece you choose—whether it’s an elongated arrangement for a rectangular table, flowers in a more traditional vase for a circular table, or several small arrangements running down a long table—they should be low in height so your guests can easily have conversations over them. And a good centerpiece should also serve as a conversation piece when your guests sit down, so look for arrangements with unexpected surprises—like a rich pop of color or unique berries or greenery for texture.

Thanksgiving Bouquets Are Designed With Your Menu In Mind

Thanksgiving is the one holiday where you can usually count on the menu—traditional items like turkey, stuffing and potatoes grace most tables. And the perfect Thanksgiving flowers come in a palette that seamlessly complements what’s being served—like warm orange hues that match Grandma’s sweet potato casserole or deep reds similar to the cranberry sauce. Also, popular Thanksgiving flowers like mums, roses, and sunflowers are not heavily scented, which means they won’t overpower the delicious scents at the table (save the lilies for another time!). 

Ultimately, though, when you send Thanksgiving flowers, the thought you put behind them is what truly makes them meaningful. Whether sunflowers make you think of their bright personality, or a richly hued centerpiece with a spray of berries reminds you of their one-of-a-kind cranberry sauce, sharing the personal reason you selected these flowers will make them extra memorable. Order flowers this Thanksgiving to brighten up any dining table and make your friends and family smile this holiday season with FTD.