Wedding Ideas Inspired by 2019 Pantone Spring and Summer Colors

Pantone Wedding Ideas

Every season Pantone Color Institute releases their Pantone Color Trend Report,  featuring tones that will be seen in the fashion world that season. These color choices are influenced by the colors that will appear at NY Fashion Week. Although they originate from clothes, these colors permeate all areas of style — from home decor to flower selection to wedding trends.


To help you plan a wedding that’s on-trend for the year, we’ve selected some Spring/Summer 2019 Pantone colors that lend themselves to this celebratory event. Browse these vibrant colors to spark ideas on how you can incorporate them into your big day. From wedding bouquets to cake toppers, the options are endless.


Living Coral

Not only was Living Coral chosen as a color for the season, but it is also the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. Deviating from last year’s provocative and thoughtful Ultra Violet, Living Coral is meant to be a symbol of warmth and nourishment. Coral has been a common wedding color for a while, but we see it growing in popularity in the coming seasons.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Living Coral

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Jester Red

Jester Red is a deep tone that portrays elegance and beauty, which is exactly what you want on your wedding day. This color lends itself to a wide variety of red flowers and can be incorporated into your bridesmaid dresses as well.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Jester Red

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Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito is a comforting tone that will calm all of your wedding day nerves. This golden yellow represents a fresh start and a future of happiness and positivity. Try including Mango Mojito as a complementary color to enhance your wedding color palette.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Mango Mojito

Photo credit: Vanessa Lynne Photography


Terrarium Moss

Succulents and air plants stole the show in the wedding scene this past year and this natural trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Terrarium Moss is a fresh color that captures the beauty of nature. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor or indoor celebration, lush greenery will transform any space into a stunning and lively environment.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Terrarium Moss

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Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is a vibrant and impressive color, perfect for those who want to show their spirited side. Pink has been popular in the wedding space and this tone can be used as either an accent or the star of the show.


Pantone Weedding Ideas Pink Peacock

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Princess Blue

For the fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of, incorporate Princess Blue into your color palette. This majestic blue will have you feeling like royalty on your big day. It can also be used as your “something blue.” Try highlighting it in a boutonniere or as an accent in your bridal hairstyle.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Princess Blue

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Aspen Gold

Make your wedding day a bright memory you can look back on for years to come by including cheerful Aspen Gold in your decor. Stimulate a feeling of joy by using pops of this vibrant tone in your wedding bouquet or wedding reception decor.


Pantone Wedding Ideas Aspen Gold

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Celebrate your big day in style by highlighting one of these Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 colors. Pantone’s selected tones are easy to include in any theme or design. For more wedding inspiration, check out our wedding collection to find a style that fits you and your partner’s vision.