40 Types of Red Flowers

40 Types of Red Flowers

When creating your next floral arrangement, try adding a few touches of red to make it really pop! Known for representing passion and love, the color red is also a symbol of radiant beauty. It’s easy to find flowers in this fiery hue;  there are many that bloom all year long or throughout multiple seasons. Whether you’re looking for something big and bright, or you’re searching for smaller blooms to use as an accent, you’re guaranteed to find something you love in our list of  40 types of red flowers!

Red Flowers for Fall

We all love fall for its festive pumpkins and cozy fires. So why not decorate with red flowers to compliment the season’s warm colors? You can use bright red flowers for a spicy touch  or use dark red flowers to add warmth to festive bouquets and centerpieces.

40 Types of Red Flowers

Aster- The red aster, a symbol of undying devotion, is a popular bloom in Greek mythology. These daisy-like flowers have a long vase life when cut; in fact, they typically last for up to two weeks.

Chrysanthemum- Hailed as the “Queen of the Fall Flowers”, the red chrysanthemum is a symbol of joy and beauty before winter arrives. As the chrysanthemum is the official birth flower of November, you can incorporate this bloom in a birthday bouquet for your favorite November baby.

Anemone- A popular source of inspiration for painters, anemones have been depicted in numerous famous paintings over the years. A symbol of love, they are one of the most popular flowers used in wedding arrangements.

Gerbera Daisy- With large heads resembling sunflowers, red gerbera daisies are the fifth most popular flower in the world. Their cheerful meaning and bold appearance make this flower a favorite for expressing romantic thoughts and feelings.

Cocksomb- This flower gets it’s name from its unusual appearance, which is similar to the head of a rooster.  Also known as a wool flower, the red cocksomb has a moderate five to fourteen day lifespan in a vase.

Yarrow- One of the world’s oldest medicinal plants, red yarrow is seen as a source of both spiritual and physical protection. Combine these small red flowers with other similar-sized blooms in complementary shades for a delicate bouquet.

Red Flowers for Winter

A season of snowmen, snowflakes and other  chilly wonders, winter may not make you think of fresh and delicate blooms. However, there are actually several crimson flowers that are in their prime during the chilly weather.

40 Types of Red Flowers

Roses- Often representing love and passion, the red rose is the ultimate symbol for romance. These fragrant flowers come in a variety of shades, with bright red symbolizing love and a deeper hues, like burgundy, signifying a love that has yet to be realized.

Carnation- Glorious and graceful, the expressive red carnation is the perfect flower for showing admiration. Its softer and more subtle shades of red are a slightly less demonstrative alternative to the red rose.

Amaryllis- The red amaryllis represents determination, pride and radiant beauty, just like the Greek maiden it was named after. Because of their height and sturdiness, these flowers are also associated with strength.

Poinsettia- Also known as the “Christmas Star” or the “Christmas Flower,” the poinsettia is a flower representing cheer and celebration. This red bloom is popular in the United States, Mexico and Turkey, due to it’s big, bold leaves and bright color.

Orchids- A symbol of strength and courage, red orchids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This exotic flower adds a unique flair to any bouquet or centerpiece! 

Red Flowers for Spring

As blue skies and warmer weather appear, colorful blooms are sure to follow. Brighten up your surroundings by including one or more of these bold, red flowers in a centerpiece or bouquet.

40 Types of Red Flowers

Petunia- A symbol of hope, the red petunia is the perfect flower to encourage love in a rough situation. These flowers do best in outdoor situations, as they will not last longer than a few days inside.

Poppy- Known for its edible and medicinal uses, the poppy has been a popular flower in many cultures throughout history. The red flower is a symbol of remembrance and a lively imagination.

Tulip- One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, tulips represent rebirth. Use red tulips for events celebrating everlasting love!

Hibiscus- Red hibiscus come in many different sizes and are a symbol of delicate beauty. Use this feminine flower at an outdoor event to attract a hummingbird or two!

Freesia- The official seventh anniversary wedding flower, a freesia represents innocence and friendship. Since the 1950’s, freesias have been popular in weddings. This is because they’re a symbol of trust between the couple.

Sweet Pea- A fragrant blossom that can be traced back to 17th century Italy, the sweet pea flower is  considered the “Queen of Annuals.” The official flower of April is a symbol of blissful pleasure—perfect for a celebration!

Hellebores- Helleborus are a unique addition to any floral display. Be sure to use full blooms in your bouquet, as they will last longer than fresh buds!

Ranunculus- A red ranunculus symbolizes charm and attractiveness in many cultures. This bright beauty also goes by the names “Buttercup” and “Coyote’s Eyes.”

Salvia- A symbol of fidelity, red salvia is the perfect addition to any wedding! Use this flower in a bouquet or a boutonniere to declare that your loved one is forever yours.

Sunflower- Known as a happy flower, the red sunflower is a great twist on the traditional version. Incorporate this floral into a centerpiece at a friendly get-together like a brunch or dinner party!

Calla Lily- A symbol of admiration and courage, red calla lillies are a great way to demonstrate a passionate love. Incorporate these flowers in a bouquet for the ultimate declaration of desire.

Begonia- This beautiful flower is seen by many as a declaration of gratitude and individuality. Use this flower as a way to stand out from the crowd!

Hyacinth- The bell-shaped Hyacinth represents play and sport in the world of flowers. Add hyacinth to an outdoor event to encourage movement and activity among your guests!

Dianthus- These colorful blooms emit a spicy, recognizable scent wherever they are placed. Use this “flower of the gods” for a fun and unique focal point in any arrangement! 

Red Flowers for Summer

Don’t let the longer days and the high temperatures fool you! There are plenty of beautiful red flowers in full bloom during the summer months.

40 Types of Red Flowers

Cardinal – Contrary to its name, this flower attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, not the bird of the same name. Include this flower in multiple arrangements around an outdoor venue to (hopefully!) attract a bunch of winged friends.

Pentas- Also known as the Egyptian Star Cluster, pentas grow in vibrantly colored clusters. Use these bold flowers in centerpieces with similar shades to make a real impact!

Dahlia- With some varieties growing up to 12 inches wide, this flower can make a statement on it’s own or . A symbol of commitment, a red dahlia should be used at events celebrating the following of a unique path.

Peony- In some cultures, peonies are valued for a variety of uses, as well as their special meanings. A symbol of honor, good fortune and a happy relationship, red peonies are a great choice for celebrating an engagement or marriage.

Azalea- A sign of elegance and wealth, the red azalea is one of the more popular flowers used in centerpieces at weddings. Since the bulbs are fragile and can easily fall off, you should use these flowers in decorations that will not be touched or moved.

Canna- These large tropical flowers are come in variety of shades like yellow and orange, but it’s the red ones that will have the biggest impact on your big day. The vibrant flowers are perfect for a beach-themed event.

Gaillardia- Also known as the “Blanket Flower,” gaillardias are a unique flower to use in centerpieces. Their warm color palette is perfect for encouraging positive and lively feelings in your guests.

Verbena- A representation of creativity and happiness, choose verbenas for celebrations where you want your personality to shine. This feminine, but detailed flower is perfect adding dimension when paired with larger flowers.

Lycoris- This decorative flower, more commonly known as the “Red Spider Lily” in Japan, is mostly used in afterlife celebrations. These typically bloom at the end of summer, signaling the start of the fall season.

Marigold- Be sure to use this flower at a party celebrating a new relationship, as these flowers promote cheer and good relations. Red marigolds are also great for graduations; they can be encouraging for someone who is working to reach their potential.

Alstroemeria- Named after the Swedish Baron who discovered it, the alstroemeria is a symbol of friendship and mutual support between two people. Some even believe in keeping the flowers close by to attract new friends!

Red Trumpet Creeper- These tubular red flowers are a hummingbird’s dream! Incorporate these gorgeous flowers into centerpieces and aisle decor for a big impact.

Anthurium- A tropical, heart-shaped flower, red anthuriums represent happiness and hospitality. Place these flowers near entrances as a nature-inspired way to welcome your guests!

Scarlet Bee Balm- The scarlet bee balm flower is a member of the mint family. It gives off an aromatic scent that is commonly used in fragrances! It symbolizes prosperity and offers protection from evil and illness.

Coneflower- A symbol of strength and healing, red coneflowers are a great gift to give— especially since they are versatile and long lasting. These flowers are also edible and can be found in salads, herbal teas and as garnishes. Flowers are one of the best parts of any season. If you’re in the process of planning an important event, be sure to check when your favorites are in season. Whether you’re looking to convey a message of love or inspire passionate feelings, choose red flowers to give that extra boost that you were looking for. 


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