21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Whether you live where there is snow or where there is sand, there is something to be said about winter weddings. Not only does winter give us an excuse to cuddle up with our loved ones, but it also reminds us why we are thankful for them. It is one of the most romantic seasons of the year and a great time to plan your wedding.

Make your wedding a winter wonderland by decorating with winter wedding flowers that enamor and enchant. Inspired by the frosty months, you can play around with whites, grays and icy greenery in your wedding bouquet. To help you brainstorm ideas for your winter wedding flowers, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite wedding bouquets. In each bouquet, we’ve featured three popular winter wedding flowers along with their descriptions to help you pick the perfect design.

Wild & Rustic Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: Shannon Von Eschen | Florist: Robyn with Bare Root Flora

The cool tones of this bouquet are a stunning addition to any winter wedding. To spice up your bridal bouquet, accessorize with lotus pods and dried artichoke. In this particular floral design, the artichoke and lotus pods were spray painted to create glittery, cool tones that add to the winter theme. For a cohesive look, add a blue ribbon at the base of your bouquet to tie the whole arrangement together.

  • Artichoke – Contrary to popular belief, artichokes are actually flower buds and have become increasingly popular in floral arrangements. When dried out, the artichoke adds a unique touch to this winter wedding design.

  • Lotus Pod – Despite the lack of petals on this plant, the lotus pod works as an extraordinary filler when accompanying an earthy, winter theme. They can be used as an interesting focal point in a bouquet, adding diversity and movement.

  • Ranunculus – Ranunculus flowers come in a wide array of colors and have delicate petals that add a soft touch to bouquets. Here, the white ranunculus flowers are used to complement the cool tones of the rest of the arrangement.

Fresh & Charming Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

This one of a kind arrangement has an assortment of unique florals and greenery. The light pink and white dahlias take center stage with their star-shaped petals and are accompanied by dusty miller and arrowwood vibernum berries. The dark blue berries and snow-dusted foliage of the dusty miller plant create a magical bouquet that conjures the winter spirit.

  • Dusty Miller – Dusty miller is one of the most popular types of greenery. It is perfect for winter wedding bouquets because of its velvety texture and frosted foliage. Of all the greenery, it has the most wintry vibe and looks best when paired with pastel florals.

  • Semi-Cactus Dahlia – Because the dahlia comes in a wide array of colors, deep red and snowy white dahlias can be used to make a floral piece that is reminiscent of the colder months. This particular dahlia is called a semi-cactus dahlia and has florals that bloom into a star shape with elongated petals. It makes for an eye-catching addition to any bride’s bouquet.

  • Arrowwood Vibernum Berry – Arrowwood vibernum is a type of hardy shrub that produces bluish-black berries among greenery. The dark blue color of the berries pairs well with the frosted leaves of the dusty miller to create an earthy vibe. 

Bold & Vibrant Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: Jillian Mitchell | Florist: Flor Mimo

If you are looking for winter inspiration, look no further. This cheery bouquet incorporates bright colors to create a lively look at your wedding. Crimson red and pastel blooms are paired with dark greenery to combine the joy of marriage and beauty of winter. Festive silver-dollar eucalyptus is fused with breath-taking chrysanthemums to create that winter-inspired bouquet we’ve all been dreaming of.

  • Stock Flower – Stock flowers are one of the most popular types of filler flowers and are found in a variety of wedding bouquets. Their small blooms are great for adding accents of color. In this particular floral arrangement, pink stock flowers were chosen to add romance to the floral design.

  • Chrysanthemum – The chrysanthemum is a symbol of joy and beauty, which makes it a great addition to a wedding bouquet. It is known for its versatility, which is why it is seen in numerous floral arrangements. The white chrysanthemums in this bouquet mirror a blanket of fresh snow evocative of winter.

  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus – Silver and gold are a popular color pair for winter, and the silvery tones of this eucalyptus make a great addition to winter wedding bouquets. This plant has round leaves that appear in an ashy blue, adding to the wintry aesthetic.

Muted & Elegant Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: Lisa Blume Photography | Florist: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

For a more subtle and modern floral piece, use pastel roses and textured greenery. The garden roses in this bouquet create elegance while the greenery helps to add depth. The dark blue color of the berries next to the light orange, pastel pink and white garden roses come together to create a bouquet that captures winter and compliments the bride’s beauty.

  • Garden Rose – Garden roses are a classic in the wedding world because of their large blooms and many petals. Because of their large size, they work well as the main floral in an arrangement and can be paired with a variety of filler flowers and greenery.

  • Seeded Eucalyptus – The seeded eucalyptus has small seed pods that cascade out of bouquets beautifully. They are a type of greenery brides swoon over and help to create a vintage vibe in bouquets.

  • Myrtle – Myrtle is another type of greenery that is popular during the wintertime. It has rounded, glossy leaves that make for a great contrast to the rough edges of the other greenery. Myrtle is a representation of love, which is why it is wonderful for wedding bouquets.

Soft & Feminine Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: André Maier | Florist: The Hidden Garden

For this particular bouquet, white and pink are paired with a range of seasonal green tones to create a festive floral design. The bold blooms of the pink cockscomb flower matched with the feather of the astilbe create a whimsical feeling. Scabiosa pods and various greenery are also featured in this design to add a more natural touch.

  • Hydrangea – There are five main types of hydrangeas. The one featured in this bouquet is the mophead hydrangea and is one of the most popular types. They are known for their large and lush flower heads that come in an array of colors. This particular hydrangea is a beautiful mix of white, purple and pink.

  • Cockscomb – The cockscomb gets its name because its blooms resemble the head of a rooster. They are an extremely unique looking plant and become the main focal point of any bouquet.

  • Astilbe –  Astilbe is recognized by its showy feathers that come in an array of colors from pale pink to deep red. This particular bouquet has white astilbe that works to add a romantic and whimsical touch to the design.

Unique & Modern Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: Justin Demutiis Photography | Florist: MMD Events

Winter conjures romance and intimacy: two crucial pillars to a loving marriage. This bouquet does an excellent job combining both with burgundy kangaroo paws, white roses and dashing greenery. The white bunches of Queen Anne’s lace are representative of the first snowfall of winter with a crisp and classy look.

  • Queen Anne’s Lace – Like its name, the Queen Anne’s lace has a natural elegance about it. This filler flower has a beautiful lace-like pattern that complements a bride’s dress perfectly. It is delicate and petite and perfect for adding texture to a classy design.

  • Kangaroo Paw – The dark red hues of the kangaroo make for a perfect accent to a winter floral arrangement. The kangaroo paw is an exotic looking plant that has emerald green and red colors symbolic of Christmas. They originated in Australia, but are now used in brides’ bouquets everywhere to add striking accents of red and green.

  • Silver Brunia – Berries are among one of the newer trends that have been popping up in bouquets. This particular berry is called silver brunia and it is a unique way to add silver and grey hues to your bouquet for a chic look.

Lush & Romantic Winter Wedding Flowers

21 Breathtaking Flowers To Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Photography by: Alison Conklin | Florist: Sullivan Owen

This elegant winter wedding bouquet is bursting with pastel roses and stunning greenery. Its muted tones and lively texture emulate a sense of antiquity in its design. The light pink and white florals add softness, while the greenery helps to add texture. Some of the flowers that are featured in this bouquet are Japanese lisianthus’, scabiosas and anemone, among many others.

  • Japanese Lisianthus – The Japanese lisianthus is also known as the “Japanese rose” because of its popularity in Japan and its high petal count. It is associated with gratitude, appreciation and charisma, which makes it a popular flower for weddings.

  • Scabiosa – The scabiosa flower produces tiny flowers that form in a cluster at the center of the plant. They are known for their unique shape that adds variety and texture to bouquets. Their pods serve as a wonderful decorative filler flower that compliments the lisianthus seamlessly.

  • Anemone – White and pastel anemones make up a large part of this stunning bouquet. Anemones are a type of wildflower that develops a unique center. When cut, they only last about to two to three days making them a meaningful addition to your floral arrangement.

When planning for a winter wedding, you want to make sure that your wedding flowers are both seasonal and representative of you and your partner. From snow-hued anemone to wintry greenery, we hope you were able to find florals that inspire your winter wedding bouquet.

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