20 Low-Maintenance Plants & Flowers

There are so many great things about having plants around the house. They smell wonderful, they clean the air, and they often provide a much needed burst of color. But sometimes plants just feel like too much responsibility. You have to remember to water them and make sure that they have enough light and nutrients. These things alone can scare people away from keeping plants in their homes, but if you pick the right plants, there’s nothing to fear!
We’ve put together a list of twenty of the easiest plants and flowers to take care of. Many can go for a week or two without water. Some can survive in low light. Others remove toxins from the air and can even help heal sunburns. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed brown thumb, you’ll be able to keep these plants alive and well. The hardest part may even be choosing which plant you want to bring home first.

After you’ve decided what plant is right for you, you have to choose how to display it. If you’re into small succulents, you can create a terrarium in a fun glass container. All you need is your favorite succulents and some gravel or stones, activated charcoal, moss, and soil. Air plants are also great for home decor. Since they don’t live in soil, you can place them virtually anywhere in your home as long as you remember to water them once a week. If you’re into flowering plants, kalanchoe is a great way to add a pop of color to your home. And if you prefer neutral colors, soft white peace lilies will do the trick. Regardless of what you choose, these low maintenance plants are sure to give you newfound confidence in your gardening skills! Soon you may even be bringing home a few more to add to your collection.

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