Keeping Plants Alive in Winter

Frosted poinsettia plant outside during winter

How Do I Keep Plants Alive During Winter?

Keeping plants alive during a cold winter can be tough, even if you’re a seasoned gardener. As the temperatures plummet and the sun shines for fewer hours each day, you’ll need to protect your plants from these adverse conditions to give them the best chance of surviving until spring. Preparation is essential to keep your plants alive throughout the cold-weather season. From stunning winter brights to festive Christmas flowers, here’s how to keep your plants healthy all year long.

Expert Tips to Help Keep Plants Alive in Winter

Unexpected cold fronts and temperature changes can take a toll on your plants, but a little preparation can go a long way. When the weather report calls for freezing temperatures or snowstorms, here’s how to protect your plants.

  • Move your potted plants indoors. Not all plants can survive freezing temperatures. So, before the weather takes a turn, you’ll want to bring your potted plants inside. Just be sure to check for insects first!
  • Add a layer of mulch. Mulch insulates outdoor plants, helping them retain heat and moisture to protect their delicate root systems. For even more protection against the cold, place water jugs filled with warm water in the mulch.
  • Use protective blankets to cover plants. If you’re expecting frost, make sure to cloak your outdoor plants with a protective blanket overnight.
  • Invest in a cold frame or greenhouse. Don’t want to risk freezing temperatures? Keep your plants warm by housing them in an enclosed space. Greenhouses and cold frames retain heat, giving your plants the best chances of survival when the weather turns.

When Should You Cover Plants in Cold Weather?

As you’re preparing to stay warm this winter, don’t forget about your plants! Start by researching your local average frost dates, from first frost (fall) to last frost (spring). You should cover your outdoor plants before these dates to keep them safe from the cold.

As the temperatures cool down during the fall, keep an eye on your weather forecast. In general, the first freeze date of the year happens a few weeks after temperatures start to fall. As temperatures warm back up during the spring, the last day of the year you can expect a frost is called the last frost date.

Enjoy Beautiful Plants All Year Long

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