How to Make “Just Because” Flowers Mean More

Just Because Flowers with Pink Flowers

There’s no better feeling than realizing someone you love is thinking about you. It can brighten your whole week. That’s why surprise flower deliveries are so meaningful—they let someone special know that they are always on your mind, even on an ordinary Wednesday. If you are planning a surprise gift for someone you love, here’s five ways to take your “just because” flowers to the next level.

Spark a Memory With the Smell of Flowers

Scent is one of the strongest ties to memory, so beautiful, fragrant flowers are the perfect way to reminisce with someone you love. They transport you back to a special moment. Maybe it’s the little B&B you visited together that had the most spectacular rose garden. Or perhaps you remember that your best friend always planted lilies with her grandmother, and they make you think of her. No matter what the connection, tying this special delivery to a happy memory will make it all the more meaningful.

Flowers Can Make an Ordinary Day Special

Since “just because” flowers can be sent on any day, time your delivery to ensure it makes a big impact. Studies have found that Tuesdays are actually the most disliked day at work, so maybe you schedule your bouquet to arrive for an unexpected pick-me-up. Or if you want to start their weekend off on a bright note, schedule a Friday delivery. Luckily, there’s no bad time to receive flowers, so you can pick based on what works best for their schedule!

Think Outside the Box with a Bouquet

The best thing about “just because” flowers is that, because they aren’t marking any particular occasion, there are no etiquette rules or traditional flowers to send. So have some fun with it! Maybe you send a whimsical bouquet full of blooms in their favorite color. Or send a succulent garden, lucky bamboo or a bulb plant, like tulips or amaryllis, that will open over the coming weeks—it’s a great way to ensure your loved one can enjoy your delivery for a longer period of time.

Find the Right Words for That Special Someone

The sentiment behind your surprise flower delivery is what makes it meaningful, so the card is just as important as the flowers themselves. If you get a bit of writer’s block when staring at a blank page, don’t worry. Here are a few quick pointers:

  • Make It Personal: Set the tone with your greeting—it doesn’t have to be formal! Use the special nickname you have for them, or start off with an inside joke. It’s an easy way to make them smile from the first few words.
  • Start With the Why: You are sending flowers because something made you think of this person—so tell them why! Even a small reason can mean a lot to the one you love. Start by saying, “You may not know this, but I always think of you when…”
  • Be Sincere and Specific: Don’t worry about making grand statements that encompass everything you feel—the most meaningful compliments are specific and show how well you know someone. Think of one thing you love about them, and tell them why it matters so much to you.

Looking for some additional thought-starters? We also have note-writing guides for specific occasions, like holidays, birthdays, and more.

Follow Up With a Conversation with Flowers – Just Because!

Sending flowers is a way to stay connected to the ones we love—to feel closer together, even if we can’t be together. Your surprise delivery is the perfect conversation starter, so be sure to block time on your calendar to call your loved one on the day of the scheduled delivery. It’s the perfect reminder to pause busy schedules for a few minutes to chat.

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