How to Care for Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas Trees Care Guide

Holiday cheer can come in any size! As versatile as they are festive, mini Christmas trees are perfect as a centerpiece, a kid’s tree, a mantle accent or—if you have space constraints or are seeking something lower maintenance—your main holiday tree. And there are lots of ways to make one shine—just see Pinterest and Instagram (best viewed in the app) for plenty of decorating inspiration. While mini Christmas trees are easy to care for, following a few pro tips will ensure that your tree lasts well into the New Year and beyond.

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Pick the Perfect Location for Your Mini Tree

To help your mini-tree thrive, you’ll want to consider more than just aesthetics when picking the perfect spot for it. Avoid placing your mini Christmas tree near any sources of heat that can quickly dry it out, like a vent, radiator, or fireplace. If possible, place it in an area of the house that stays cooler, and isn’t subject to any sudden changes in temperature. A spot that receives only indirect sunlight is ideal.

How Much Should You Water Your Mini Christmas Tree

Like any houseplant, you’ll want to strike the right balance when watering. For a mini Christmas tree, too much water can cause root rot and too little can lead to needles turning brown and falling off. A good starting point is watering once a week, but check the soil daily—if the surface is ever dry to the touch, you should water thoroughly. The trick is to keep the soil evenly moist, so be sure to water all around the pot to ensure the water is uniformly distributed. You’ll also want to be sure your pot has proper drainage, so be sure to remove any wrapping that could allow excess water to pool.

Decorate Your Mini Christmas Tree Mindfully

Did you know traditional holiday string lights can dry out your tree’s needles? Consider using fewer lights on your tree (a delicate sparkle looks lovely on a tree of this size) or using low-wattage lights, like LEDs, which emit very little heat. Also, be sure to turn the tree lights off for the night when you go to bed.

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Give Your Mini Tree New Life

One of the best things about a potted mini Christmas tree is that it can be a sustainable option—rather than throwing away your tree at the end of the season, you can plant it and enjoy it for years to come. Before planting, check to ensure your tree will thrive in your region by referencing the USDA Hardiness Zone Map—for example, FTD’s mini spruce trees can be planted in zones 5 through 10.

If you live in zone 7 or higher, you can plant your mini tree right after the holidays, but anyone else should wait until spring. Consider repotting your mini tree to give it a bit more room to grow in the meantime, and store it in a protected outdoor area, like an unheated garage, covered entryway, or screened-in porch, to allow it to acclimate to cooler temperatures.

These few simple care steps will ensure mini Christmas trees bring holiday joy throughout the season—and for many years to come. Browse our mini trees and other Christmas plants here—they are the perfect gift for friends and family (or yourself!).