Annual Winter Flowers

marigolds blooming in snowfall

When the winter months roll around, most of us start to look forward to warm weather and sunny days, but some flowers in the plant world have other plans! Some flowers aren’t affected by the temperature and actually thrive in cold weather. At FTD, we have winter flowers that you can send to brighten up the homes of your very favorite people, no matter what the temperature is doing outside.

Check out the following annual flowers that love the cold! They’re perfect whether you’re looking to send Christmas flowers to a loved one or just something to brighten their days.

Blanket Flower

The Blanket flower is native to North America and can survive in cold weather. It’s a drought-tolerant winter plant that produces beautiful, vibrant flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and red. It’s actually a pretty easy plant to care for and is perfect for adding a splash of color to a winter garden or any room in the home.


Calendulas are one of the hardiest annual flowers. They can tolerate cold and even some frost. To care for calendulas, plant them in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Make sure that they get plenty of water so that their soil is moist but not soggy. Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer. In order to encourage flowering, make sure to deadhead their spent blooms. Plants will typically bloom until late fall, and in the winter months, place these plants in an unheated garage or shed where they will be protected from wind and heavy snowfall while still receiving plenty of light.


Marigolds are one of the hardiest annual flowers, and they actually prefer cooler weather to hot weather. They come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, and red, and they’re very easy to take care of. You can water them either every day or every other day, or you can let them dry out between watering periods. You can even plant marigolds outside during the winter if you live in an area where it snows – they’ll still thrive!


Nasturtium is a beautiful annual flower that comes in a variety of colors. It’s easy to take care of and can withstand the cold. To keep your nasturtiums looking their best, make sure to deadhead them regularly and give them plenty of water. They also need moderate amounts of fertilizer to grow, so be sure to add some occasionally. Your nasturtiums will last longer if you cut off all but six inches from the end of each stem when you’re ready for it to stop blooming. That way, it’ll have enough energy for next year!


Pansies are one of the top winter annuals, beloved for their wide range of bright colors. These blooms prefer cool weather temps in the 40 to 60 Fahrenheit range, but they can survive in the single digits as well. Pansies are relatively easy to care for, but they do require some attention. They need to be watered regularly and fertilized every few weeks. Pansies also benefit from being deadheaded, or having spent flowers removed. This encourages them to produce more gorgeous blooms that you can use to brighten up your space.

Browse our collection of winter flowers and take advantage of same-day delivery where available. Whether you’re looking for Christmas plants, holiday gifts, or anything else to brighten up a loved one’s day, FTD has sumptuous solutions all year round.