April Birth Flower: Daisy


The daisy is the April birth flower. Flowering in spring, they are known for their delicate white petals that surround a fluffy golden yellow center. The most popular types of daisies include the English daisy, Shasta daisy, Gerbera daisy, and the painted daisy. Originating in England, where daisies grow wild in open fields, English daisies are the most classically recognizable species. Gerbera daisies are the second most popular daisy and are widely cultivated around the world and are bred to represent nearly all colors of the rainbow. As the April flower, they are one of the most popular flowers during spring.

Daisy Meanings and Symbolism


The daisy symbolizes purity and innocence. Commonly gifted to new mothers, the April birthday flower also represents fertility and motherhood. According to Roman myth, the daisy also symbolizes chastity and transformation. This particular meaning is derived from the story of Vertumnus, the god of seasons who fell in love with a nymph, Belides. He ruthlessly pursued her to the point where she decided to turn herself into a daisy in order to escape his advances. In fact, the daisy’s Latin name “Bellis” is derived from Belides.

It is said that the name daisy is derived from the Old English saying “day’s eye.” This is because the daisy closes at night and opens in the morning upon the first touch of sunlight. The term “fresh as a daisy” is derived from this meaning, which means that someone has had a good night’s sleep.

April Birthstone


The diamond is the official April birthstone. Universally recognized around the world as the traditional wedding ring, the diamond is one of the hardest natural materials found on earth. Diamonds were formed over a billion years ago 100 miles beneath the surface of the Earth. These impressive qualities make diamonds extremely scarce and highly valuable. Therefore, diamonds are symbols of eternal love and commitment.

April Zodiac Horoscope


According to the zodiac horoscope, both Aries and Taurus are born in April.

Aries born in April are born between April 1st and the 19th. Known for their courageous nature, Aries aren’t afraid to take chances and can be known for their competitiveness. In the workplace, they are highly organized, and extremely skilled at multi-tasking. They thrive off of feeling productive and are always the first to take action.

Taurus born in April are born between April 20th and the 30th. Taurus are known for their reliability, patience, and responsible nature. They are tactile and depend on their sensory ability of touch in order to connect with others, both romantically and non-romantically. Out of all the zodiac signs, they are the most reliable and they can be overprotective of their loved ones. Taurus are known for being skilled chefs, and can be artistic and creative.

Famous Birthdays In April

  • Marvin Gaye, American R&B singer, April 1

  • Adrien Brody, Oscar-winning American actor, April 14

  • Emma Watson, British actress, April 15

  • Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Queen of the United Kingdom, April 21

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