35+ Low-Maintenance Plants and DIY Plant Stakes

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Houseplants are an easy fix if you’re wanting to bring a little life and outdoor greenery into your space. However, if you don’t want to spend all your time caring for your plants, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants to choose from. 

Some indoor houseplants prefer lots of natural sunlight, while others can thrive with a little indirect sun. Check out the easiest houseplants to grow that can also be safe for a pet and family-friendly home! 

Best Low-Maintenance Plants:

  • Peace Lily

  • Dracaena 

  • Cast Iron Plant 

  • Aglaonema

  • Boston Fern

  • Rubber Plant

  • Philodendron Brasil

  • Succulents 

  • Aloe Vera

  • ZZ Plant


How To Choose the Right Houseplant for You

When picking out the best houseplants for your space, there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind. Think about how much time and care you’re willing to put toward maintaining your plant’s health. If you have pets or young children in your home, you’ll want to steer clear of houseplants that have toxins and irritants

A good idea is to first pick out the spots you’ll want to place your houseplants. Evaluate how much sunlight that space gets throughout the day. This will help you when deciding on houseplants that require plenty of sunlight versus plants that like their shade. 

Plant care

How To Create DIY Plant Stakes

If you have a hard time remembering your plants, you may want to stick a plant stake or two into the pots so you know how much care and maintenance they require from you. Follow these steps for DIY plant stakes:

  1. Print your plant labels.

  2. Gather popsicle sticks or mason jar lids. 

  3. Cut your plant labels.

  4. Glue the label on the stick or lid. 

  5. Stake your labels next to each plant.

Plant stack stickers

Plant sticker button

Plants That Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

If your space doesn’t have an abundant amount of natural sunlight but you want to decorate with some new houseplants, don’t worry! Here are some indoor plants that’ll prefer the more shaded spots of your home. 

 1. Peace Lily  

Peace lilies are by far one of the easiest houseplants to manage and bring a sense of elegance to any room with their delicate white flowers that bloom around summertime.  Peace lilies are toxic to pets and young children if consumed. 

Green Thumb: Peace lilies prefer a bright spot in indirect sun and need consistently moist soil to grow.

2. Warneckii Dracaena   

Dracaenas are known for their long-growing glossy leaves and rich color patterns. There are a variety of dracaenas to choose from, but maintenance for this type of plant is the same for all. They prefer indirect sunlight and lightly watered soil. Keep in mind dracaenas are toxic to pets if consumed. 

Green Thumb: Use a mist spray bottle filled with water to spray its leaves and soil to avoid overwatering the plant. 


3. Cast Iron Plant 

The name of this plant rings true, as it’s quite imperishable if accidentally neglected or uncared for. It likes indirect or little sunlight and needs its soil lightly moistened.

Green Thumb: You can place this plant in shadier spots in your space, but bring them out under indirect sunlight a couple times a month. 

4. Cutlass Aglaonema 

There are a variety of aglaonemas, but cutlass is a favorite. It will do well in any spot in the home except in hot direct sunlight, so it can thrive next to the front door or in an office space. For watering, keep the soil as moist as you can without overwatering, which can rot its roots. 

Green Thumb: The sap of the plant can be an irritant if eaten or placed on the skin, so it might be best to avoid purchasing it if you have any pets or children in your home. 


Plants That Need Sunlight

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of natural sunlight in your space, use that to your advantage when picking out houseplants. These indoor plants will thrive in bright sunlit environments, and will look good doing it too! 

 5. Boston Fern

Boston ferns like tropical humidity, so they can thrive in a warmer climate with plenty of sun. For successful growth, keep the soil lightly moist, and spray its leaves for extra humidity. Boston ferns are considered highly toxic to pets if consumed. 

Green Thumb: Keep the plant away from harsh sunbeams in the summer to avoid leaf burns.

 6. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants like to grow tall, making them a great pick for filling up a room. Its large glossy foliage can complement any space, from an office to a modern living room. Rubber plants do best under bright indirect sun.

Green Thumb: Only water when the soil is completely dried out. 

Rubber plant

7. Philodendron Brasil

If you’re looking for a perfect indoor plant to hang up or grow along with some shelving, the leafy Philodendron Brasil will do just the trick! It should be watered when the soil is partially dry, and only needs a couple of hours of direct sunlight a day. 

Green Thumb: This vine-growing plant is toxic if heavily consumed by pets and humans.

Philodendron Brasil

8. Succulents 

Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes but can be a tricky indoor plant to care for if you aren’t careful. These spiky friends need plenty of all-day sun, so it’s best to place them near a window or bright area. Succulent care doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance, but you need to find a happy medium for your plant when watering. 

Green Thumb: Spray the roots of the succulents with water when the soil is completely dry to avoid overwatering. 

9. Aloe Vera

Similar to succulents, aloe vera prefers indirect sun and a warmer climate. Only water the plant when the soil is completely dry to keep the plant’s roots from rotting. Not only is aloe vera a unique indoor plant to add to your collection, but it also contains many health benefits. 

Green Thumb: If you feel a bit burnt after a long day out in the sun, gently cut a leaf off the plant and slice it open to reveal a gooey gel layer that can be used to soothe your skin. 

Aloe Vera

10. ZZ Plant 

ZZ plants require little commitment and are a stunning feature in any space, making them the perfect indoor plant. They can be placed in almost any type of light, but a brightly lit area with indirect sunlight is the best match. It only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry.

Green Thumb: ZZ plants can live without water for extended periods, so if you’re planning a longer vacation or tend to be forgetful of your plant care, ZZ plants are the right choice for you! 

11. English Ivy 

English ivy is more commonly seen growing long and wide outdoors, but can thrive indoors too. The ivy likes bright sunlight, but avoid putting it out in the hot direct sun in the summer. Though it needs constantly moist soil, avoid sitting water which can cause its roots to rot. 

Green Thumb: This plant is a grower, so keep that in mind when potting. You may need to re-pot once a year to allow its roots to grow.  

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants  

As much as we wish they wouldn’t, pets sometimes eat anything they believe resembles a snack. To avoid running to the local vet after accidental consumption, here are some of the best nontoxic indoor plants to keep in your pet-friendly home. 

12. Mini Money Tree 

This tropical plant can grow large and tall, so allow it plenty of space to thrive! The mini money tree doesn’t need constant watering, but water when its soil is about 75% dry. This plant is nontoxic, making it a great indoor plant if you have a furry friend in your home. 

Green Thumb: Place the plant in bright spots with indirect sun to avoid leaf burns.

13. Spider Plant

These white and green striped plants are perfect for hanging baskets. They prefer moderate indirect sunlight and temperature. They grow fairly quickly so you will need to re-pot them about once a year. For spider plants, keep the soil moist and sprinkle plant fertilizer into the soil about twice a month to support its growth. 

Green Thumb: Spider plants are known for their air-purification benefits, so place a couple throughout your home for cleaner air!

Spider Plant

Family-Friendly Indoor Plants 

If you have any young children running around in your home, your first priority is keeping them safe. Although some houseplants may seem harmless, they may have toxins or cause irritation if played with. Here are some low-maintenance houseplants that are not only easy to take care of but are worry-free when it comes to being in your family’s home. 

14. Snake Plant

This tall-growing plant is nontoxic and lush, making it the perfect addition to any family room. Snake plants should be watered when the soil is completely dry. They prefer being in a hot and bright environment, but can also withstand partial sun and a cooler climate. 

Green Thumb: If you can, place the plant in direct sunlight for a couple hours a day.

Snake plant

15. Peperomia 

Also referred to as “watermelon peperomia”, the leaves resemble green striping similar to the summer fruit. If you’re a beginner plant parent, this plant is easy to manage and upkeep. It only needs watering when the soil is about 75% dry and prefers indirect light. The plant is nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about accidental consumption by pets or young children. 

Green Thumb: To keep it extra happy, you can mist its leaves with water and place its pot onto a pebble tray for added humidity.


Aesthetic Plants to Decorate Your Space

Decorating with greenery can elevate a space and make it feel even more complete. These aesthetic houseplants will not only look great wherever they are but are easy to maintain and take care of. 

16. Air Plant  

This trendy indoor plant requires little maintenance, as it doesn’t need to be potted in any soil. These are great small plants to place on a centerpiece for a table. You will want to avoid placing air plants in any direct sun, so a brightly lit spot with indirect sun will do. To water, place the plant into a bowl or sink with just enough water to submerge the plant. Let the plant soak for about half an hour, then remove and let it drain onto a towel. 

Green Thumb: Between the water soaks, you can spray the air plant to keep it fresh and happy!

Air plant

17. Swiss Cheese Plant 

The name of this plant comes from its holey heart-shaped leaves, resembling a similar look to Swiss cheese. Its unique look can bring some bright green freshness to any space, whether it be on a stylish bar dresser or bedside table. The plant prefers bright indirect sun and consistently moist soil. Keep in mind that this plant is toxic to pets if consumed. 

Green Thumb: The plant is easy to manage and likes to climb as it grows, so remember to add a metal stake to the pot when planting.

Swiss cheese plant

If you are looking for some more low-maintenance plants and flowers to purchase, check out our guide of 20 more low-maintenance plants to decorate your space!

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Buying a few houseplants is a simple way to make you happier in your home. Any of these houseplants look great standing alone, but adding in some new flower arrangements will freshen up the room even more!