Gifts to Send for Easter this Year

Easter Gift Guide

Each year on the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring equinox Christians and many other Americans wake up and celebrate Easter Sunday. The holiday’s fascinating and mysterious roots in pagan times helped shape the many traditions we know today. Most major holidays have an ancient connection to the seasons and Easter is no exception. The spring equinox marks the time of year when we emerge out of winter and the days start getting longer and brighter making it a perfect symbol of hope and rebirth.

The Intriguing Ancient History of Easter

The name of the “Easter” holiday is believed to be related to the English pagan goddess, Eostre. Eostre was worshipped as a goddess of spring and of fertility. Just as Eostre was a fertility goddess, the spring season is also associated with new life, with both plants and animals growing and procreating. Most historians believe that the rabbit was a symbol of Eostre as bunnies are a perfect representation of the season. It’s thought that the rabbit over time evolved into the Easter bunny that we know today. Eggs were also a clear and special symbol of new life and birth to ancient societies around the world.  

According to some accounts, the Easter bunny we know was created by German Americans living in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. These immigrants had a tradition around an egg-laying rabbit named Osterhase who laid bright colored eggs. Excited children made little nests for the cute mythical creature to lay its eggs and left out carrots to feed it. Over the decades this adorable custom gained popularity in the United States where other families had their own spin on the tale and used woven baskets instead of nests of branches and twigs. The new version of the Easter Bunny would not only leave behind its eggs but also candy, chocolates, and small gifts. If you’re looking for easy ideas and Easter gift ideas, you can shop our entire Easter selection all in one convenient place here

Gifts to Send for Easter this Year

While Easter baskets are usually associated with little children you can actually make a custom and super cute gift basket for anyone at any age. Fortunately, in today’s world, you don’t have to live in the same home or even the same country to send a thoughtful Easter gift to the ones you care about the most. You can find an array of sweet, sunny, and seasonal Easter gifts and goodies from FTD. Our gorgeous Easter gift baskets are a fast and easy way to treat your friends and family to a spring gift they’ll be sure to remember all year long. Our gift baskets range from cool culinary offerings filled with sweets and treats the whole family can share or even healthy offerings like fine fruits from around the world and charcuterie kits. You can easily shop our entire Easter selection that has tons of Easter gift idea for both kids and adults any time day or night here.  

What are the Best Easter Gifts for Kids?

Classic traditional Easter gift baskets for kids usually include a pretty decorated basket often filled with fake grass, chocolate bunnies, sweets, candy or plastic eggs, small toys, and stuffed animals. A great and often overlooked present to include in your child’s Easter basket would be small toys to play with outside and even get some physical activity in. Since spring usually goes hand in hand with warmer weather consider adding in outdoor toys like jump ropes, sidewalk chalk sets, bubbles, sports balls, frisbees, and other activities they can take and play with outside. Unlike Christmas, Easter presents are usually small and there’s less stress to give anything expensive – it’s more about finding sweet little things that will occupy their days. 

If you want to encourage other healthier eating habits for the little ones in your life, consider swapping out typical sugary, chocolatey sweets like jelly beans and chocolate bars for yummy fruit snacks, granola bars, and dried fruits. To teach them about nature and the great outdoors you can also give older kids a hearty and easy to care for a plant like a succulent, also known as an air plant, from FTD. These cute spiky little plants require almost no care and might inspire them to want to learn more about the blooming spring they’ll be seeing outside all spring long.

In some families, there is a fun and exciting family tradition for children to wake up and hunt for Easter eggs or even their Easter baskets. If you have children in your home wake up early Easter morning and fill their plastic eggs with tiny treats. While it’s most common to put candy inside, you can get creative and instead try filling their eggs with stickers, bouncy balls, kids’ jewelry from shops like Claire’s, tiny action figures, or even quarters and dollar bills. If the weather is nice and you have space, hide their eggs outside so you can all enjoy the sun and fresh air together. 

If you want to make the day extra exciting after the egg hunt let your kids go on a hunt for their Easter basket too! Before the big day take a Post It note or index card and draw something simple and easy to recognize in your house like the washing machine or their toy chest. Next, go to the spot you drew on the first card and draw another place in your home to lead them to the next spot on their quest. Your little ones will have a blast running from room to room in your house as they look for each of your (or the Easter bunny’s) hand-drawn clues that will eventually lead them to all the toys and treats in their basket. 

What are the Best Easter Gifts for Adults?

Great Easter gifts for adults, of course, always depend on the tastes of your recipient. Think if the decor in their home or even their clothing style is classic, modern or free-spirited, and funky, and go from there. Fresh flowers are a perfect way to celebrate Easter and bring the spring feeling inside. Another great reason to send a floral arrangement as an Easter gift to an adult is that unlike fall and winter there are so many types of flowers in season to choose from. Flowers that are usually in bloom all spring long include tulips, roses of all colors, daisies, dahlias, amaryllis, azaleas, daffodils, irises, zinnias, sweet peas, forsythias, pansies, poppies, violets, and orchids. 

For Easter Sunday many people host family gatherings or brunches in their home or apartment which makes a floral table centerpiece both a thoughtful and useful gift that will make their event even more special. Spring floral arrangements come in every color but the most popular choices usually are pretty pastels, bright sunny yellows, or pure white blooms. FTD lets you choose from several sizes for your centerpieces and most options can be sent with or without a custom matching vase. If you or your giftee has a small kitchen table you can choose the Original size but for large dining room tables, big parties or if you want to make a bright and big impression, consider ordering the Deluxe size which is our biggest and grandest offering. You can also send a bouquet in any size or style that they can keep on a countertop or even at their desk or side table.

If you want to be a little bit extra, pair your flowers with something sweet and elevated like our specialty Belgian chocolate treats made with fine imported ingredients. Our Classic Belgian Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are far prettier and more delicious than almost any chocolate bunny you can find. Our artisans hand-dip 12 classic Oreo cookies in Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate, and top each one with a contrasting chocolate drizzle. 

For more tips like this and to discover the best table decorating ideas check out our Easter Table Decorating page on 

Online Easter Gifts Delivered with FTD

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