4 Festive Themes to Inspire Your Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating Feature

Christmastime—the happiest time of the year—comes only once every 365 days, which is why you shouldn’t settle for just one Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree is a festive token of holiday spirit that brings the natural beauty of winter indoors to create warm space that twinkles with joy and celebration. So why not have more than one Christmas tree? Or two, or four? The following Christmas tree decorating guide will inspire you with ideas for decorating your tree(s) and making a cozy and merry space to enjoy with loved ones during the holiday.

Traditional: Quintessential Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Hanging Ornaments


The traditional Tannenbaum is lit with white lights from floor to ceiling to emulate stars twinkling in the dark sky over a canopy of evergreens. Decorate with red, gold and silver glass ball ornaments. Mix and match vintage ornaments passed down from generation to generation with ornaments collected by your family over the years. Not only will the tree be your most elaborate Christmas decoration, but it’ll shine as a festive heirloom full of treasured family memories.

Make your Christmas tree the focal point of your holiday décor and don’t be afraid to go over-the-top. Gaudy silver tinsel or tinsel garland will give the tree a truly authentic look. Drape red beads and plaid ribbon around the tree as extra trimmings. Large red ribbons, mini jingle bells and star baubles can also create a traditional Christmas aesthetic. Top the tree with a star or angel and lay beautifully wrapped gifts underneath.


Whimsical: Candyland Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Snowflake Ornament


Get playful with your holiday spirit and decorate a miniature tree adorned with candy treats and DIY sweets. Not only will your candy-themed tree look delectable enough to eat, but the swirled lollipops and striped candy canes will create a whimsical and magical ambiance. Hang real licorice twists, colorful gumdrops and homemade gingerbread ornaments with ornament hooks. Use your creativity to craft faux candy ornaments like cupcakes, ice cream cones and hot chocolate with marshmallows—a perfect activity for the kids. Wrap white Christmas lights around the tree to give it a sugary glow, then top it off with red and white-striped glass balls and twirled ribbon. While decorating, stick to the sweet theme and treat the kids to delicious chocolate-dipped treats and fun gift baskets.


Casual: Woodland Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Pinecones


What can be more charming than adorning your Christmas tree with wild woodland creatures? A woodland-themed tree, warmed by the enchantment of the forest, captivates the curiosity and heart of a child who still believes in Santa.

Dress your casual tree with alfresco embellishments and woodland ornaments. MarthaStewart.com has guides for creating a decorative dried pinecone tree stand and endearing needle-felted forest animal ornaments. On a snowy Saturday afternoon with the kids, craft deer, bear and mushrooms out of wool felt. Acorns, artificial berries and other critter ornaments like owls, foxes and squirrels can also turn your tree into a woodsy winter wonderland.

If the woodland Christmas tree is just too irresistible, use the outdoorsy theme to decorate other areas of the home as well. Dress your table settings with a Christmas table centerpiece arrangement full of pinecones, vines, dried flowers and artificial berries in wooden pots.


Modern: Glam-Rock Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Blue Ornaments


If you have a discerning sense of style, get into the holiday spirit with a glammed out, rockin’ Christmas tree. Follow a silver, green and blue color scheme to give the tree a glamorous and modern aesthetic. White lights, hanging icicles, metallic garland and silver ornaments like sparkling snowflakes can also punctuate your tree with opulent grandeur and create a snow-capped, frosted aesthetic effect. Ornament the tree with green and blue glass balls to give it a pop of color. Keep the rest of the holiday décor in the room simple to help achieve decorative balance. A red poinsettia bouquet or lovely Christmas Wreath can subtly complement this style of tree while still offering the beauty of the season.  Looking for additional Christmas ornaments. Check out Personal Creation’s selection of Christmas ornaments for children and Gifts.com’s selection of personalized Christmas ornaments.