23 Romantic Ways to Use Rose Petals for Valentine’s Day

Ways to use rose petals

The classic rose is the quintessential flower of romance. Although receiving a bouquet of red roses is certainly a romantic gift all on its own, turn up the romance this Valentine’s Day roses with a few creative ways to use rose petals.

From how to setup a romantic scene using rose petals to using rose petals to decorate food and drinks, there are many ways to use rose petals that will certainly make your Valentine fall head over heels for you.

Setting A Romantic Scene Using Rose Petals

ways to use rose petals romance

  1. Decorate the bed – An old classic, this is one of the most romantic ways to use rose petals. Use romantic red rose petals and sprinkle chocolate kisses throughout for an added surprise.
  2. Create a trail – In addition to decorating the bed with rose petals, surprise your Valentine with a trail leading from the front door all the way to the bedroom.
  3. Spell it out – Spell out your love using rose petals. Get creative by spelling out your romantic message on the front lawn or backyard.
  4. Fill a gift box – Hide your Valentine’s gift in a box filled with rose petals.
  5. Set the table – For a romantic candlelit dinner at home, scatter rose petals over the table. Use a white tablecloth for a luxurious touch.
  6. Fill a dresser drawer – Top with a romantic note or a gift that will be sure to surprise your Valentine.
  7. Decorate the car – Sprinkle rose petals throughout the car the evening before Valentine’s Day. In the morning, when your sweetheart gets in to go to work, they’ll be met with a romantic surprise. Add a romantic note on their dashboard for an added surprise.
  8. Create a garland – String a garland of rose petals using fishing line. Suspend the garlands above your bed to create a romantic ambiance in the bedroom.
  9. Fill an envelope – Use our love note generator for creative romantic messages to send your Valentine. Place the note in an envelope filled with rose petals.
  10. Create a natural home fragrance – Simmer rose petals in a crockpot filled with water. The low and slow simmering action will allow the rose petals to emit their sweet fragrance that will perfume your home for hours.

Gourmet Ways to Use Rose Petals

Ways to use rose petals gourmet

  1. Make it bubbly – Place rose petals in a glass of champagne for a romantic toast you’ll both remember.
  2. Garnish your dessert – No dessert is complete without a pretty garnish. Create a romantic dessert simply by topping it off with a sprinkling of rose petals.
  3. Top a salad – A creative way to get your sweetheart in the mood with the first course. Make sure the rose petals you use are edible.
  4. Sugar them up – For those who are ambitious, sugared rose petals make any dessert stand out. Gently brush egg whites onto each rose petal then dip them into a bowl of sugar until they are covered. Shake off the excess and let dry on a cooling rack for up to four hours. For more detailed instructions, check out Cupcakes and Cashmere for an easy tutorial!
  5. Freeze them into ice cubes – Floral ice cubes are a fun brunch idea. Simply fill an ice cube tray with rose petals and top with distilled water. Freeze and enjoy these floral ice cubes in a fruity cocktail.
  6. Enjoy a romantic picnic – For a romantic picnic, sprinkle rose petals over your picnic blanket to create an intimate ambiance. Garnish a cheese platter or champagne glass with a few extra rose petals.

Relaxing Ways to Use Rose Petals

ways to use rose petals to relax

  1. Make your own room spray – Rosewater has many creative uses. Not only is it great for your skin, its sweet fragrance allows it to be used as a light perfume or room freshener. Spray rosewater on your bed linens to amp up the romance. Check out A Delightful Home for an easy guide on how to make your own.
  2. Exfoliate with a scrub – Treat your Valentine to a relaxing exfoliation with an easy-to-make rose sugar scrub. Simply take dried rose petals and combine with sugar and your favorite essential oils in a food processor. For an easy to follow guide, check out this tutorial from Happiness Is Homemade to create your own unique rose sugar scrub mixture.
  3. Unwind with a calming bath – Nothing is more relaxing than a nice warm bath. Add rose petals to your bath and add a splash of milk to make things extra luxurious.
  4. Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary – Light candles in the bathroom, particularly surrounding the bathtub. Sprinkle the floor and around the edge of the bathtub with rose petals for the ultimate relaxing and romantic spa experience.
  5. Create a soothing foot bath – A foot bath is great for relaxation and releasing toxins. Create your own by mixing bath salts, warm water, and rose petals. If you want to be really sweet, give your sweetheart a nice foot massage for an added treat!
  6. Make your own rose oil – Infuse jojoba or olive oil to make your own rose oil. Place crushed or shredded rose petals in a jar of warm oil and let sit for a few days. Use for massages and for moisturizing.
  7. Craft your own bath salts – Take plain bath salts and mix with crushed rose petals. Add the mixture to a bubble bath for a nice and relaxing soak.


This Valentine’s Day, spice things up with a few of these creative ways to use rose petals. Valentine’s Day is February 14th, so don’t forget to send your sweetheart a romantic bouquet of luxurious red roses to show them your love in a truly unforgettable way.



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