20 Stunning Wedding Aisle Decorations

One of the most memorable parts of any wedding is the long-awaited walk down the aisle. This moment marks the start to the celebration and is one that is captured and remembered for years to come. You can make your walk even more special by adding wedding aisle decorations to guide you down the aisle.

Whether you are having a December event with winter wedding flowers or searching for outside wedding ideas to go with your summer bouquet, we have inspiration for you. By simply scattering petals or including unique light fixtures, you can transform your aisle. We’ve collected 40 wedding aisle decorations that will be sure to turn heads. Sort through the categories to find the perfect decor for your special day.


Floral Inspired Wedding Aisles

A simple way to create a cohesive feel to your wedding is to use your flower color palette throughout all the events. From your flower wall at the rehearsal dinner to your wedding aisle decorations, keep the same color scheme. Luckily, no matter your flower choice, there are many unique ways to incorporate them in the walkway.

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Wedding Chair Decorations

One of the most popular ways to add wedding aisle decorations to your entrance is by hanging decor on the aisle seats. When the center seats are adorned with flowers or photos, they look more elegant and bring a well-rounded feel to the room. If you want to make a subtle statement, try using just greenery and filler flowers as wedding chair decor.

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Wedding Aisle Lights

Adding lights to your aisle is a good way to create a warm and loving atmosphere. This is a perfect option for winter weddings or venues that are naturally darker. Try adding candles to your walkway or hang lights from a tree above for some magical mood lighting.

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Wedding Arbor Decorations

Wedding arbors are a popular choice when it comes to wedding decor. Placing the arbor at the entryway will create a beautiful entrance for the guests and bride, while positioning it above the wedding altar will make for enchanting wedding photos. Either way, there are many variations of wedding arbors from which to choose.

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The extra touch of adding wedding aisle decorations to your special day will not go unnoticed. Little details like aisle decor, wedding bouquets or table numbers are what will truly set your wedding day apart.