Non-Traditional Christmas Color Schemes for Holiday Decor

christmas tree with pink decoration.

Whether you put up a simple tree or you cover every inch of your home with red and green, decorating for Christmas is the best time of the year to be as over-the-top or as minimalist as you want. If you’re excited to try something new this year, step outside of the traditional red and green and show your true colors. Fill your home with unique schemes like black on black, mixed metals or even bold colors. From the tree to the wrapping paper for your gifts, make this year memorable with a non-traditional Christmas color scheme.

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A Magically Dark Space

For a unique twist on the classic white Christmas, try using black decor this year to create a sophisticated space. Thanks to the recent rise of this trend, black artificial Christmas trees are widely available, so get your tree and use these tips to create merry and magical memories.

tips for decorating for a black christmas.
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Presents, Parties and Pastels

Hosting people in your home can be stressful. Lighten up your space this year with dreamy pinks, blues and oranges on your tree, stockings and wreaths. Adding fresh flowers to your decor is another great way to soften up the environment.

tips for decorating your with pastels.
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A Dazzling Display

Christmas is the perfect time to add a little sparkle to your home. You can choose between gold, silver and rose gold, or combine all three for a stunning mixed metal theme. Use these tips to polish up your living area and your dining room for your next holiday event.

tips for using mixed metals to decorate for christmas.
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May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

If you love the traditional bold Christmas colors but want to spice things up even more this year, swap the red and green for a combo like pink and orange or lime and teal. Implement these bright colors in accent pieces or pair them with white decor to make the colors pop. However you choose to decorate, these dynamic colors are sure to keep the Christmas spirit alive even on the dreariest of days.

tips for decorating with holiday bold colors.
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Christmas is the best time of year to spend time making memories with family. As you pull your Christmas decor from the attic, try a new tradition this year by incorporating non-traditional color schemes into your home. Whether you display a black Christmas tree, pink dinner plates or baby blue gift wrap, switching things up will create memories that will last for years. If you’re still trying to decide on a gift, give some flowers that match your color scheme.