60 Holiday Greetings to Celebrate Everyone + What to Write in a Card

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Busy shopping centers, limited parking, gift wrapping paper cuts, and going over budget are signs we’ve entered (for some) the dreaded holiday season. It’s easy to see the holiday cup as half empty, but while you’re off stuffing stockings and purchasing gifts, remind yourself of the season’s valuable aspect of bringing the community together!

This holiday season, gather with the special people who inspire you to be the person you are today. When gifting guests with a bouquet, including a holiday card mentioning your appreciation for their kindness can sometimes mean the most. For those, we miss this festive time of year, observe their absence. Send a memorable floral offering tagged with a personal message from our list of 60-holiday greetings below.

Holiday Greetings for All Celebrations


What to Write in a Holiday Card

what to write in a holiday card

We believe the art of giving a holiday card is a skill anyone can acquire. Why don’t you give it a go?! There are people who’d be honored to receive a season’s greeting from you. If you’re not sure what to write in a holiday card this year, we’ve got you covered. The perfect recipe for a holiday card is as follows:



You must first appropriately address the recipient by acknowledging the type of relationship you have with them. If it’s a dear friend, then throw out a nickname, but if it’s a more professional relationship, include a proper pronoun such as Mr., Mrs. or Dr. If you’re addressing an entire family, write “Dear,” then their last name followed by “family.”


Holiday Greeting

The reason you’re writing the card is to share a marvelous holiday greeting. Select from one of our lovely messages below. Add a special touch and recognize the recipient’s seasonal traditions — we included messages for various celebrations in December.


A Personal Touch

A personalized message is an unforgettable one. For loved ones, express your infinite appreciation of the close bond you share. Write about how you met, a glorious memory you share or your fondness of them. You’re doing the whole “personal touch” thing right if you evoke emotions in yourself while writing.

When addressing those who impact our lives (like a boss, mentor or neighbor), thank them for the work and guidance they contribute to your life. These people take time out of their day to make yours better and that deserves recognition.

Overall, keep your recipient in mind when adding a personal touch — they’ll be flattered by your compliments. Communicating your admiration to the card receiver is a holiday gift in itself.


Sign Off and Wishes

Cheers! You’ve crafted the heart of the card. Now sign it off with your warmest regards. Here are a few we recommend for the holidays:

  • Enjoy the holidays, [your name]
  • Wishing you joy, [your name]
  • Hoping to see you soon, [your name]
  • Brightest blessings, [your name]
  • Warmest wishes, [your name]
  • Missing you dearly, [your name]


Holiday Greetings for All Celebrations

No matter your reason for the season, there’s a collective message that all holidays share — to spread cheer and joy to everyone in our lives. Stay conscious of the traditions your neighbors, coworkers, and friends observe by going the extra mile to acknowledge their ceremonies. Embrace the season’s meaning and share the gift of giving!


General Holiday Greetings

  1. May the festive season bring only cheer and blessings to you and your family.
  2. Wishing you and your loved ones a season of happiness and enjoyment.
  3. Treasure your family and friends that accompany you during this incredible season.
  4. Whatever is meaningful and brings you merriment, may it become yours during the holidays and throughout the coming year.
  5. We are blessed to be with you during this time of year. You bring a true gift of inspiration and hope to our lives.
  6. Sending lots of peace and joy your way this season.
  7. Let the spirit of the holidays bring an abundance of goodwill to your family and home.


Business Holiday Greetings

business greetings

  1. It’s been a wonderful year working with you. Wishing you continued success in the year to come.
  2. I am incredibly grateful to have a business partner like you. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season.
  3. We appreciate your business and hard work. May you and your family have a blissful holiday.
  4. During this time of year, we reflect on the wonderful moments we have experienced, which includes our client relationship with you. Have a joyous holiday season!
  5. I want to express my sincerest gratitude for the faith you have bestowed upon us. Best wishes for the holidays.
  6. We’re so appreciative to work with you and look forward to continued success together.


Happy Hanukkah Greeting Card Messages

Hanukkah Messages

  1. May the wonderful Spirit of Hanukkah follow you throughout the holiday season.
  2. The present of Hanukkah is a cherished indication that we are loved! I wish you a Happy Hanukkah filled with light.
  3. “Light was the first thing God created. All growing things depend on light for life. God is the source of all life.” – Genesis 1:3
  4. Have an enjoyable Hanukkah from all of us to your loving family. May these eight days of gathering bring merriment and bliss to your home.
  5. Let the Menorah candles bring a plethora of light and the miracle of Hanukkah bring warm wishes into your life.
  6. Happy Festival of Lights! May every light bring happiness to you and your family.
  7. Thinking of you during this blissful season of Chanukah.


Kwanzaa Greeting Card Messages

kwanzaa greetings

  1. I am blessed to share the true meaning of Kwanzaa with you this season and remember the ones we love.
  2. Let the season of Kwanzaa bring good spirits to your family and home.
  3. Kwanzaa yenn iwe ha heri! (Kwanzaa happiness to all of you!)
  4. May a lovely Kwanzaa be followed by a year of blessings.
  5. From Umoja (unity) to Imani (faith), may all your wishes be answered.
  6. Kwanzaa is a lovely celebration around a beautiful table to bring us all together.
  7. Take pride in this magnificent Kwanzaa that you get to spend with your family.


Happy Winter Solstice Wishes

winter solstice wishes

  1. Wishing for a joyous rebirth of the sun to fill our lives. May warmth enter our hearts and homes to spread prosperity into the New Year.
  2. May the light of Winter Solstice remind us the sun will return soon to share beloved warmth.
  3. Happy Winter Solstice and may your spirit always be filled with love, peace, and bliss.
  4. Winter Solstice sets a new beginning — may many miracles come your way.
  5. Sending you and your family plenty of warmth and light during the delightful season.
  6. Let’s take in every enjoyable moment as the sun sets and rises again into the New Year.
  7. I wish for the light to increase in your heart and for you to be filled with endless blessings during this Winter Solstice.


Diwali Greetings and Wishes

  1. May Diwali surround you and your home with inspiring colors. Have a magnificent Diwali!
  2. Let the shining light of candles and diyas illuminate you and your family this season.
  3. I wish the light of the diyas to direct you towards the way of bliss and prosperity.
  4. Let us give thanks this Diwali for our families, friends, health, and the grace we are blessed with.
  5. Enjoy the supreme light of Diwali and allow your mind and heart to be enlightened by the community this holiday encourages.
  6. May this Diwali burn all of the bad energy away to make room for happier beginnings.
  7. Celebrate the beauty Diwali fills the world with. Spread infinite joy to others this season.


Happy Chinese New Year Messages

Happy Chinese New Year

  1. Many wishes that great wealth and fortune come your way this New Year.
  2. I gift you with endless joy and prosperity. Xin Nian yu kuai (Happy New Year).
  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai (wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year).
  4. May the rising sun bring you bundles of exquisite warmth and heartwarming company.
  5. Let everything good and charming compress into this card. Happy Chinese New Year!
  6. I hope this New Year brings many opportunities into your life and turns all your dreams into reality.
  7. Sending good health, good energy, and an abundance of happiness throughout the year.


Christmas Card Messages

Christmas Card Messages

  1. Celebrate the gift of love and peace during this Christmas season.
  2. I hope that your Christmas is filled with precious memories with close friends and family.
  3. I am incredibly grateful for your friendship. Your love is the best Christmas gift I have received this holiday season.
  4. Having people like you in my life makes it feel like Christmas every day! Have an amazing and blissful holiday.
  5. You are an incredibly important piece of my life. Thinking of you lots this Christmas season!
  6. I asked Santa to bring you lots of love — not just for Christmas but for the entire year.
  7. ‘Tis the season! Wishing you a Christmas filled with love, joy, and laughter.


New Year Greetings to End With a Bang

New Year Greetings

  1. Cheers to a year of accomplishments and to a New Year to achieve even more.
  2. Have a wonderful celebration entering a New Year filled with prosperity, success, and blessings.
  3. To entering a healthy, happy and hopeful New Year!
  4. Wishing you a cheerful end to your current year and a magical beginning to your New Year.
  5. I am incredibly grateful to be ending this year and starting next year with you.


Happy holidays and New Year to you, your family, and your neighbors! Whether you’re putting up a tree or lighting a menorah — we send infinite cheerful wishes to everyone observing a celebration. Treasure the beauty this time of year holds by bringing people together to share their love.