Frosted poinsettia plant outside during winter

Keeping Plants Alive in Winter

How Do I Keep Plants Alive During Winter?

Keeping plants alive during a cold winter can be tough, even if you’re a seasoned gardener. As the temperatures plummet and the sun shines for fewer hours each day, you’ll need to protect your plants from these adverse conditions to give them the best chance of surviving until spring. Preparation is essential to keep your plants alive throughout the cold-weather season. From stunning winter brights to festive Christmas flowers, here’s how to keep your plants healthy all year long. read more

White and violet pansy flower

Flowers That Bloom in Winter

What Flowers Bloom in Winter?

There are plenty of flowers that bloom in winter, even though that’s not prime time for flora in the Northern Hemisphere. At FTD, we have a huge selection of winter flowers to brighten the darker days of the cold season and to celebrate the holidays. Last-minute idea or spontaneous gesture? We’ve got you covered with same-day delivery, nationwide!

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Beautiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

What to Consider When Sending the Perfect Thanksgiving Flowers

There are certain flowers we automatically associate with a particular holiday (like red roses for Valentine’s Day or poinsettias for Christmas). But what about Thanksgiving? You likely think of centerpieces in bright autumnal hues, but did you know there are special reasons we traditionally use particular flowers at Thanksgiving? Here’s what goes into the perfect Thanksgiving arrangement so you can start planning your Thanksgiving 2022 flowers. read more

overhead photo of a friendsgiving table with food and decorations

What is Friendsgiving?

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season, and many people are heading home to celebrate with family. But if you can’t celebrate with your family (or prefer not to), you can always celebrate Friendsgiving. It is a compound of the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving.” It’s an informal version of Thanksgiving, and you can celebrate it instead of, or in addition to, your traditional celebration. Here’s everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable Friendsgiving.

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Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Party Ideas for 2022

Halloween is not just fall’s ghoulish holiday filled with spooky decorations, jack-o’-lantern carving, and pumpkin-flavored everything. It’s also an especially spooktacular occasion to gather with friends and family! Get into the spirit of Halloween and put your expert party-planning skills into action with these hauntingly fun Halloween party ideas. FTD also has Halloween gifts and flowers to help you get into the spirit of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. read more

marigolds blooming in snowfall

Annual Winter Flowers

When the winter months roll around, most of us start to look forward to warm weather and sunny days, but some flowers in the plant world have other plans! Some flowers aren’t affected by the temperature and actually thrive in cold weather. At FTD, we have winter flowers that you can send to brighten up the homes of your very favorite people, no matter what the temperature is doing outside.

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mother and daughter embracing, with the daughter gifting flowers to mom

How to Plan a Mother’s Day Celebration

What kind of mom do you have? Is she the type who loves to go out to restaurants, or would she prefer to spend Mother’s Day enjoying the outdoors or going to the movies? This is her day, so plan a Mother’s Day celebration doing what she wants to do. Here’s another idea – make Mother’s Day an occasion free of household chores for Mom. This is a day in which she shouldn’t lift a finger except to enjoy herself.

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Mother’s Day Activities for Moms and Kids in 2022

A mother’s love knows no bounds. She gives so much and asks so little that when her special day arrives, you’ll want to treat her to all she deserves. Kids and grandkids also want to join in the fun and show the moms in their life how much they love them. Get some wonderful ideas below for Mother’s Day activities that adults and kids alike will enjoy!

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