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Sips & Sweets: Pairing Dessert, Wine and More

Sophisticated, decadent and indulgent  —  wine and cheese are the perfect epicurean pair. The rich, saltiness of delectable ripe or aged cheeses accompanied by the qualities of different varietals of grapes create the ultimate sensory experience for dinner guests. Sips and sweets also go hand-in-hand at any soiree. Diverge from the usual savory suspects and pique your palate with a dose of dessert to go along with your favorite bottles of wine at your next dinner party or at-home wine tasting. read more

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Know Your Floriography: Give the Right Rose & Avoid Floral Faux Pas

Flowers and plants have been used to convey messages to recipients since biblical times. However, the current language of flowers, known as floriography, gained widespread popularity in Victorian times and those same meanings are still used today. In general, roses convey a message of love, but with a rainbow of shades to choose from, and each hue carrying its own meaning, be sure to carefully consider the associated flower meanings before selecting blooms to avoid a floral faux pas. read more


A Rose by Any Other Name: Anatomy, Terminology & Luxury Deciphered

Nearly any occasion can be celebrated with a bouquet of beautiful roses. Their origins have sparked countless literary references through the ages and have maintained long-standing traditions. Roses can be used to convey different feelings and emotions, which makes them ideal when it comes to love and romance. The varieties of roses are expansive — you will find that garden roses or spray roses are much different than the fragrant, high-quality roses you will find at a florist. But what exactly are you paying for (or on the receiving end of) when it comes to roses? read more

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Father’s Day: Host a Backyard BBQ for Dad

My husband agrees that the best Father’s Day gift is time with his family, and also baby back ribs, but mostly the gift of time. So why not combine both? Planning a Father’s Day barbeque doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Putting together some simple but delicious food with a few fun decorations can make the occasion feel festive. read more

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts: The First 5 Years

Marriage is all the good and all the bad rolled into one lifelong journey. It takes careful intention, hard work, love, commitment and forgiveness. And those first five years are both the most difficult and the most joyous. All this makes yearly anniversaries important to celebrate. Honor your day and the one you love with these wedding anniversary gift ideas for your significant other. read more

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Think Vertical: Ideas for the Vertical Garden

While the lavish gardens of yesteryear were lovely, for most Americans, they are no longer realistic. For nearly 39 million California residents tasked with mandatory water reduction, extravagant gardens could make you a target for water waste fines. For others, housing budget limitations or city-centered careers prevent manicured landscapes. But you don’t need an expansive yard or even a ton of water to maintain a lovely garden; instead think outside the (planter) box. read more


Garden Party Celebration

Turn your backyard into a gathering space for family and friends. You don’t have to wait for a special day. With these handy party tips, any day can be a special occasion. It’s the start of the outdoor party season with warmer days, fresh air, and green grass to tickle your toes. So invite your favorite friends to raise a glass. Enjoy the moment!

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The Perfect Mother’s Day: Sunday Brunch

Mother’s Day is one of those special times when we all stop and recognize our mothers and their undying love and strength. I will always cherish the fact that my mother was at every dance recital, took me to school every day, always had a home-cooked meal prepared for dinner and was always there to help with homework. My mother would lose sleep if it meant helping someone in need — she is the Energizer Bunny and my idol. read more