Easy Steps on How to Dry Your Roses

On Valentine’s Day almost one-fourth of the adult population buys flowers for someone special in their life, primarily roses.  Getting your roses and then watching them bloom is always amazing to see over the course of a week, but what to do you do when you want to enjoy your roses longer?  In a couple easy steps, you can dry out your roses so that you can continue to enjoy them for even longer.  read more

Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail feature

5 Ways to Make Up for a Valentine’s Day Fail

Sadly, Cupid’s arrows sometimes go awry and ultimately end up off target. If the cherub’s unfortunate crash-landing ended in fiery flames of disaster on the day designated to love, it’s not too late to recover. We’ve put together a few unique ideas that are sure to reignite positive affirmations of unyielding love even after February 14. read more

Galentines Day Feature

Celebrating Galentine’s Day with Bows & Sequins & Corals + Cognacs

Not that you need a reason, but Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to celebrate your friendship with your very best gal pal. While the holiday is traditionally known for over-the-top gestures of love for your significant other, toasting to your most prized female friendships is becoming increasingly popular. A day of attention for your BFF instead of your BF. While Galentine’s Day might get a girls-rule-boys-drool kind of rap, it’s really not the anti-Valentine’s Day by any means. Ladies celebrating ladies, no matter your marital status! read more

Lawyer learns flowers valentine's day Michael Skaff & Jen Baumann

The Lawyer Learns Flowers: Valentine’s Day Edition

As many of you know, Michael, FTD’s VP of Floral Design and I, one of FTD’s lawyers, launched a blog series where he teaches me the basics of flowers.  If you’d like to read up on our history, please click here.

In this, our sophomore effort at blogging and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Michael took things to a higher level with the flowers he expected me to learn. read more

Date Night Couple Feature

3 Romantic, Couples-Only Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. What’s better than chocolate, flowers and love notes? While all of those things are total bliss to me, I also like the idea of mixing it up and putting a new spin on the holiday. Here are a few of my favorite outside-the-(chocolate)-box ideas to help you avoid the routine dinner-and-a-movie date night: read more

lawyer does flowers

Lawyer Learns Flowers: First Edition

It took nearly nine months of working at FTD for me to realize just how little I knew about the beautiful bouquets that I stared at online, talked about, advised on and thought about every day.  Since I had been busy learning the ropes of my new job, as Assistant General Counsel at FTD (which is a fancy way of saying lawyer), I hadn’t taken the time to step back and consider what went into creating and making up this lovely product that brought so much joy to our customers.  read more