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2020 was the year moms have been unwittingly training for, the Olympics of motherhood where Murphy’s Law holds true, and uncertainty is certain. Moms everywhere deserve a massive “thank you” for their quick thinking and continued patience, also for the times they lost their cool, but they still gave it their best go. We caught up with two of these persevering moms during our Mother’s Day photoshoot, Sunny Shokrae and Esther Adams Achara, to hear about their takeaways and triumphs.

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Flower Farm Shortage

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Caused a Flower Shortage

It’s been a year since the pandemic shut down the world, and things are finally starting to look a little closer to normal. There’s no longer a massive shortage of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and businesses are opening back up to serve their customers. However, there are still a lot of industries that have been affected by the massive shutdowns and disruptions in regular business production. It turns out that the pandemic has also resulted in a major shortage of flowers!  Yes, you heard that right: FLOWERS. read more

How to make an Impact on Earth Day

How to Make an Impact on Earth Day 2021

Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22 since the first Earth Day was recognized in the United States in 1970.  April 22, 2021 marks the 51st Earth Day celebrated in the United States, and there are lots of ways to make an impact on Earth Day and carry on the legacy of those who first brought Earth Day into existence. read more

National Garden Month

Celebrate National Garden Month in April

This winter has definitely exceeded its expectations with the amount of snowfall and low temperatures that have dispersed throughout even some of the warmer areas across the country. Whereas some of us can appreciate being snowed in while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa as we gaze out the window at the winter wonderland before us, many of us are dreaming of warmer temps and greener pastures. read more

desk with laptop and glass of whiskey

How to Host a Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Fine libations should never be enjoyed alone. They deserve more than just a moment of quiet solitary reflection. Even though there are many choices, when you ask connoisseurs of liquor, some of the most intriguing flavor profiles can be found in whiskeys. It is enjoyed around the world and distilled in many different nations, so why can’t we enjoy the art and culture of distilleries with friends across the world wide web?  read more

St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Around the World

While St. Patrick’s Day is originally named after the patron saint of Ireland, it has become more and more recognized over the past several hundred years by people all over the world. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the more commonly celebrated spring holidays, with widespread participation even from those without any Irish heritage. Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, though, and what are some of the distinct St. Patrick’s traditions observed in different places throughout the globe?

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easter table setting decor

35 Festive Easter Tablescape Ideas

You’ve boiled the eggs, cooked the ham, and invited the guests for your small gathering. Easter dinner is well underway! If the next thing on your Easter to-do list is creating the perfect tablescape, we’re here to help. Have you ever thought of using eggshells as mini planters for succulents? Or how about creating an Easter egg tree using sugar cookies?

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House Plant Care Guide & Tips

House Plant Care Guide

With more people spending time indoors, house plants have become extremely popular. Not only do they create a more tropical and serene atmosphere in your home, but they also have numerous health benefits.  read more

close up of red roses

The Ultimate Rose Care Guide

If you find yourself frequently enjoying the beauty of red roses, then you might want to consider growing them in your own home. Learning how to nurture these gorgeous blooms can be a simple and beginner-friendly process if you follow these rose care steps along the way. 

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