House Plant Care Guide & Tips

House Plant Care Guide

With more people spending time indoors, house plants have become extremely popular. Not only do they create a more tropical and serene atmosphere in your home, but they also have numerous health benefits.  read more

close up of red roses

The Ultimate Rose Care Guide

If you find yourself frequently enjoying the beauty of red roses, then you might want to consider growing them in your own home. Learning how to nurture these gorgeous blooms can be a simple and beginner-friendly process if you follow these rose care steps along the way. 

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National Flower Day

March National Flower Day & Plant-a-Flower Day

Spring is in the air and that means National Flower Day and National Plant-a-Flower Day are right around the corner. It’s an exciting time for gardeners and plant lovers alike. This year, celebrate National Plant-a-Flower Day on March 12 and National Flower Day on March 21. Both days commemorate the beginning of the warmer season and provide a fun occasion to plant a few flowers in anticipation of what is to come. read more

Easter Gift Guide

Gifts to Send for Easter

Each year on the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring equinox Christians and many other Americans wake up and celebrate Easter Sunday. The holiday’s fascinating and mysterious roots in pagan times helped shape the many traditions we know today. Most major holidays have an ancient connection to the seasons and Easter is no exception. The spring equinox marks the time of year when we emerge out of winter and the days start getting longer and brighter making it a perfect symbol of hope and rebirth.

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Kids

The Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Kids

Although Valentine’s Day has traditionally been all about romantic love since its mysterious creation in the 5th century, that outdated ideal is changing more and more each year. Life is crazy and time flies, so why not celebrate love in all its beautiful forms this Valentine’s Day? Beyond sending fun gifts to your family or celebrating Galentine’s day with the girls, why not bring your child in on the festivities as well? read more

young couple cuddling with newborn

51 New Baby Wishes + Printables: What to Write in a Card

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting experience, and there’s no better way to congratulate the new parents than with a thoughtful card! It’s important to come up with the perfect message to write inside your card, so we’ve put together a collection of meaningful ideas and quotes to include for different scenarios, plus printable ones to make it easier.  read more

Valentines Day Gifts For Everyone

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

It’s no secret that the teen years are very formative for many young people. For me, the memories of being 14 years old are still very fresh in my mind, including one particular incident that occurred on a certain holiday halfway through February. For Valentine’s Day at my school, you could send candy and flowers to your fellow classmates throughout the day, something that you likely did as a kid, as well.  read more

Gifts for Gamers: Console Controllers Picture

2021 Gamer Gift Guide for Every Player

The year was 1995. The groundbreaking gaming console PlayStation had just made its way into my home thanks to months of allowance savings and a lot of begging. It changed my life! I spent hours with my friends staring at a screen, drinking Jolt Cola, and developing carpal tunnel in my thumbs from desperately pressing buttons.  read more

Valentines Gifts by Personality

Valentine’s Day Gifts by Personality

Show your Valentine how much you “get” who they are by sending them a Valentine’s Day gift based on their own unique personality. Based on a psychological personality test known as the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, one can discover which common personality traits a person most embodies. read more