When is World Photo Day?

Woman pointing a handheld camera

Documenting memories has never been easier than it is in today’s world. Camera technology has advanced so rapidly in recent history, that taking pictures has gone from a rich person’s hobby, to something anyone can do, and something that everyone should do. The fact that nearly every cellphone has a camera (and a good one at that), has made it so that capturing images of our adventures, celebrations, and loved ones is more accessible than ever before. We of course can document our lives every day, but with World Photo Day approaching, it’s time to free up some space for photos on our phones, clean up our DSLR’s, and buy some more film for our instant cameras. That way we can take as many pictures as we want and properly celebrate World Photography Day. We’ve included 7 ways to help you celebrate, so keep reading and get camera-ready!

What is World Photo Day?

Now that you’re excited to celebrate, you’re probably wondering “what is Photography Day?” Well, World Photography Day is a day for people to celebrate the art, science, craft, and history of photography, as well as the impact it has had on our world. The day is also meant to encourage photographers all around the globe to share a singular photo that they think encapsulates the world seen through their eyes. It’s not only a great way for people to learn about photography, but it helps us open our minds to people and places that are different from us.

When is World Photo Day?

World Photography Day is August 19th, and in 2021 that falls on a Thursday. That means you have all weekend to review, edit, and filter the photos you took to celebrate the holiday. Keep reading to find out why we celebrate World Photography Day on August 19th, and learn more about how it came to be.

Don’t forget to put the World Photography Day date on your calendar!

What is the History of World Photo Day?

The first time World Photography Day was held, it was in the early 2000’s, so only a couple of decades ago. On that day, close to 270 photographers shared their pictures with each other in a global gallery online. Once they were shared, people from over 100 countries visited the online gallery, and they got to get a glimpse into the lives of the photographers that took the images. 

You’re probably wondering why it is that August 19th was the day chosen for this special event. Well, all the way back in 1839 the French government purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process. This was a process that was created by France’s own Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre in 1837, and it made it possible to create a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper. The sheet would then be coated with a thin layer of silver, and did not require a negative. This was the first method for obtaining a permanent image with a camera, so it seems fitting that this special day in history is now celebrated with photography all over the world! 

When World Photography Day started just a few decades ago, we aren’t sure if those that created it knew how widely celebrated it would be now—but we’re glad they brought it into popularity.

Why Do We Celebrate World Photography Day?

Person holding camera with mountains in the background

Just like any other holiday, there are many reasons why someone would want to celebrate World Photography Day. 

You might want to celebrate if:

  • Your hobby is photography.
  • You enjoy the science behind cameras, film, and digital art.
  • You have made photography your profession.
  • You like to travel and document what you see.
  • You want to have memories to pass down to your family.
  • You enjoy sharing your art with others.

7 Ways You Can Celebrate World Photography Day

Camera set up to take pictures of mountains in the distance

There are so many ways to celebrate on August 19th, here are some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Take that special someone to a photogenic destination—pick a lake, river, forest, ocean, mountain top, or desert to visit with them. It’s a great opportunity to take pictures of nature and of your person at the same time. Once you have snapped a few good photos, settle in for a picnic. You can pack the Godiva chocolates and a meat and cheese basket to enjoy after you’ve worked up an appetite.
  2. Set up a still life to photograph in different lighting. You can use those low-light plants you have at home and set them up with books, a vase of flowers, some fruit, or your pet! Use different bulbs and methods of light to give you a chance to practice with different exposures and improve your craft.
  3. Invite friends over for a photo shoot and share the images with them. You can set up a DIY floral photo booth, or you can have them bring over a couple of different outfits to be able to give you something fresh and new to work with.
  4. Take the opportunity to learn something new about the art form. Read a book or watch a documentary about photography and revel in its impact on today’s world. 
  5. Take a self-portrait that you can then assemble into a World Photography Day collage in a couple of years.
  6. Edit past photoshoots or colorize your old family photos. Each will allow you the time to practice your editing skills. Plus, they make for nice gifts!
  7. Buy yourself a new piece of camera equipment and give it a test run while out and about. You can check the different settings and learn how to use them before you have something special you want to use your camera for.

Get Ready for Picture-Perfect World Photo Day

From a photographic picnic with sweet treats, to editing last year’s snapshots, World Photo Day is a great opportunity to let your creativity out and enjoy the art of photography. No matter what avenue of photography you choose to pursue during this year’s celebration of World Photography Day, do something that celebrates your love for the art form! And don’t forget, a delivery from FTD can make it that much more fun! Order some flowers, chocolates, or other gifts that can make for excellent props or additions to your celebration.