Thank You Mom: 62 Ways to Express Your Gratitude

When we were little, we didn’t realize all the day-to-day things, large and small, that our moms did for us. They fed us, comforted us, gave us advice, taught us endless lessons, and made sure that we were always taken care of. Growing up, we probably never said “thank you mom” enough.

As Mother’s Day approaches, thanking our moms is top of mind. There are many ways to show gratitude — from getting her a thoughtful gift to sending a message to your mom. To give you some ideas about how you can show appreciation for your mom, we’ve created a list of 62 ways to say “thank you mom.” It includes nice things to say to your mom and ways you can spend quality time together, plus images to share with her to show her just how much she means to you.


  1. Be her chauffeur for a day for all those times she drove you
  2. Cook her favorite meal for all those meals she fed you
  3. Listen to her problems for all those times she listened to yours
  4. Show others respect to show her she raised you right
  5. Take care of her when she’s sick for all those times she took care of you
  6. Support her hobbies, even if you don’t enjoy them yourself
  7. Throw a get together for her and her friends for all the times she hosted yours
  8. Be patient with her for all those times she showed you patience
  9. Never give up to show her she taught you how to work hard
  10. Clean her house for all the times she cleaned up after you


  1. Go visit her to show you value her company
  2. Encourage her to follow her dreams for all the times she supported yours
  3. Treat her to a relaxing spa day for all those times you stressed her out
  4. Comfort her when she’s upset for all the times she comforted you
  5. Carry on her family traditions to show her how much they mean to you
  6. Send her flowers to let her know that you’re thinking about her
  7. Put others first to show her she taught you selflessness
  8. Write her a letter so she can constantly be reminded of how much you appreciate her
  9. Send her photos of you doing things she taught you to show her you listened
  10. Make her laugh for all those times she cheered you up


  1. Ask her questions and take her advice to show that you value her opinion
  2. Remind her you love her and acknowledge the unconditional love she’s shown you
  3. Send her inspirational messages for all the times she inspired you
  4. Bring your whole family together to show her you value family time
  5. Bake her her favorite dessert because she’s always so sweet
  6. Make her a recipe book with all of her favorite dishes in it for all of the delicious things she made for you
  7. Spend time doing what she wants for the endless hours she spent on you
  8. Be a good host when she visits for all the time you spent under her roof
  9. Make her a playlist of all the songs you like to sing along together
  10. Run her errands for her for all the times she ran yours


  1. Buy her a gift that she’s been talking about buying herself forever to show her how much she deserves it
  2. Give her your favorite picture of you two as a daily reminder of how much you love her
  3. Create a memory jar to remind her of all your favorite moments together
  4. Take her to her appointments for all the times she took you to yours
  5. Compliment instead of criticize for all the times she built your self esteem
  6. Take her on a mother-daughter trip for all the fun vacations she took you on
  7. Recreate your favorite childhood snapshots to show her you’re still her little girl/boy
  8. Give her a hug for all those times she embraced you
  9. Take her to a sporting event so you can cheer on her favorite team together
  10. Leave surprises around her house as spontaneous reminders of how much you care


  1. Turn off your phone for the day to show her she has your undivided attention
  2. Take her shopping for all those hours she spent with you at the mall
  3. Gather a list of all the things you, friends, and family members appreciate about your mom to show her she is loved
  4. Take her out to dinner to give her a break from cooking
  5. Ask her to tell her stories from her childhood to show her you’re interested in her life experience
  6. Teach her something new for all the things she taught you
  7. Sign up to take spin classes together to keep each other healthy
  8. Host a family board game night for old times sake
  9. Give her a book filled with all the best advice she’s ever given you, because she probably needs to hear it too
  10. Take her out for coffee for all those times you tired her out


  1. Give her a back rub to help her de-stress
  2. Watch your favorite superhero movie together and remind her she’s your hero
  3. Volunteer together to remind her that she taught you to be giving
  4. Go on an outdoor adventure to show her she taught you to respect nature
  5. Apologize for all those times you made her life difficult when she was trying to help you
  6. Take her to the theatre for all those school plays that she watched
  7. Have a mother-daughter photoshoot to capture your special bond
  8. Go to the farmer’s market together to show her she taught you how to value quality food
  9. Let her know you always have her back because she always has yours
  10. Create a piece of art for her for all of the times she inspired you
  11. Take her somewhere she’s never been to introduce her to something new
  12. Tell her that she’s the best mom in the world, because she is