May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

May birth flower lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is the May birth flower. This springtime flower is also known as the May lily or French “muguet des bois. Its scientific name is Convallaria majalis, where the first part of the name means “valley” and the second part means “belonging to Maia.”

According to ancient astrology, the May birthday flower was under the protection of the son of the goddess Maia. For the Greeks this was Hermes and for the Romans it was Mercury. Another legend tells of a lily of the valley who fell in love with a nightingale’s singing, and only bloomed when the bird returned to the woods in May. The lily of the valley is mentioned 15 times in the Bible.

The other birth flower for May is the Hawthorn, which symbolizes hope and happiness.

Lily of the Valley Meanings and Symbolism

May birth flower lily of the valley

Over the centuries, the lily of the valley has developed many meanings. The fragrant white flowers are often associated with traditional feminine values such as motherhood, purity, chastity and sweetness.

  • In Germanic mythology, lily of the valley flowers are associated with the humility and purity of the virgin goddess Ostara.
  • In Victorian times, lily of the valley meant a “return to happiness.”
  • In Christian legend, Eve’s tears as she was expelled from the Garden of Eden turned into lily of the valley.
  • The lily of the valley is also seen as a symbol of humility and a sign of Christ’s second coming.


May Birthstone

May birthstone Emerald

May’s sole birthstone is the emerald. The name is derived from the Greek word “smaragdos,” which means green. The gem can range from light to deep, rich green. The emerald belongs to the beryl family of minerals, and has been treasured since ancient times as a symbol of rebirth.

Romans dedicated emeralds to the goddess Venus due it her association with fertility. They mined for emeralds in an area near the Red Sea referred to as “mons smaragdus” (Emerald Mountain) as early as 30 B.C. Queen Cleopatra, who was a devotee of the gem, later claimed ownership of all the mines in Egypt. On the other side of the world, it was treasured by the Muzo Indians of Columbia.


May Zodiac Horoscope

May zodiac Taurus and Gemini

Taurus and Gemini are the zodiac signs for May.

Tauruses are characterized as cautious, practical, and purposeful. Represented by the bull, Tauruses are unlikely to budge once they make up their minds. They have both the perseverance and energy to see things to the end. Patience is one of their greatest virtues. Tauruses born between May 15 and May 22nd fall on the Taurus-Gemini cusp, and tend to exhibit the intellectual and curious nature of Geminis.

Geminis are characterized as great communicators and intellects. Geminis love to challenge their mental agility, and are fascinated by psychology and human interaction. Geminis born between May 22nd and May 29th fall on the Gemini-Taurus cusp. The Taurean influence grounds May Geminis and gives them the drive to succeed. May Geminis are patient and hardworking, and have a strong understanding of what their endeavors can bring.

Famous Birthdays In May

  • Bing Crosby, entertainer, May 3rd
  • Audrey Hepburn, actress, May 4th
  • J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, May 9th
  • Salvador Dali, Surrealist painter, May 11th
  • Bob Hope, comedian, May 29rh


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