March Birth Flower: Daffodil

The daffodil is the March birth flower. They are one of spring’s most recognizable flowers, known for their bright yellow and white petals. Their flowers are formed by a central cup-shaped corona (the part of the flower that holds the stamens), that is surrounded by six large petals. Popular around Easter, the birth flower for March signals the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Daffodil bouquets are perfect for brightening up your home or as a gift after the long winter.

The March birthday flower has origins in the Mediterranean, where it was grown by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, the daffodil is the most widely cultivated in Holland and Great Britain and there are over 13,000 hybrids of daffodils that range from yellow and white, to orange and pink.

Daffodil Meanings and Symbolism


The daffodil symbolizes new beginnings because they are the first spring flowers to bloom right after the winter frost. The Latin name for daffodil is Narcissus, the Greek mythological character who loved himself too much. His arrogance ultimately led him to his death when he fell into the river and drowned in order to stare more closely at his own reflection. For this, daffodils can also be known as symbols of vanity.

There are different cultures around the world in which the March flower holds deep meanings. In China, daffodils symbolize good luck and prosperity because they bloom around the time of the Chinese New Year. The daffodil is also the national flower of Wales, and represents faithfulness due to its ability to rebloom year after year at the same time. The American Cancer Society uses the daffodil to represent hope for a cure.


March Birthstone


Aquamarine is the official March birthstone. Derived from the Latin words aqua and marina, the aquamarine represents the water and the sea. Therefore, it is a gemstone that is known to protect sailors at sea. It has a striking blue color, that can range from light to dark and can also contain hints of green. The aquamarine represents youth, hope, fidelity and eternal life and is a popular gift for wedding anniversaries.

March Zodiac Horoscope


According to the zodiac horoscope, both Pisces and Aries are born in March.

Pisces are known for their compassionate and intuitive nature. Pisces born in March are born between the 1st and the 20th. They are caring and nurturing and as a friend are always reliable. They are generous with their love, however, they expect the same in return, which can sometimes lead to feelings of insecurity when their expectations are not met. Their friendliness makes them excellent communicators and allows them to be surrounded by many different types of people. They are always forgiving and out of all the zodiac signs, they are the most tolerant.

Aries are known for their courage and determined nature. Aries born in March are born between the 21st and the 31st. They are extremely energetic beings, which in turn makes them passionate and enthusiastic. These same qualities can also make them impatient, impulsive and short-tempered at times. They constantly seek movement and are very competitive when it comes to conquering challenges. In the workplace, they are known for their organizational skills and they excel at multi-tasking. They are instigators and are always the first to take action, and aren’t afraid of taking risks.

Famous Birthdays In March

  • Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, March 14
  • Alexander Mcqueen, fashion designer, March 17th
  • Adam Levine, singer and frontman for Maroon 5, March 18
  • Diana Ross, American soul recording artist, March 26

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