Crunch Time: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Day Feature

You’ve never been one to go overboard with Valentine’s Day celebrations. But if this is your significant other’s favorite holiday, there’s no excuse to skip celebrating it, even if you forgot to plan anything until the very last minute.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas to help you pull off the perfect date for your sweetheart, with minimal lead time.


If You Have … 3 Hours

Scour the Internet to find a local concert or another type of live performance to take your date to for the evening. Start your search with off-the-beaten-path live music venues, theatres and comedy clubs to have the best chance of still finding tickets (it is the biggest date night of the year, after all). It won’t be easy to procure last-minute tickets to any big-name bands, so get ready to step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy a new experience with your Valentine. The outing to see a local play, small-town comedian or participate in a coffee-shop open mic is sure to give you two something to talk about for years to come.


Last Minute Valentine's Day Feature Concert


Sweeten the deal by checking out FTD’s same-day flowers options in your area. Order a bouquet of her favorites by 2 p.m. and select same-day delivery, then breathe easy. If you’re really trying to go the extra mile, add a love coupon book filled with fun activities.

If You Have … 2 Hours

If cooking at home isn’t your thing, you probably want to celebrate the holiday out on the town. But of all days, you cannot expect to go to any of the greatest restaurants without a reservation. And securing a reservation will be no small feat. Take advantage of the technology at your disposal and use one of the many restaurant reservation apps to get that coveted table.


Last Minute Valentine's Day Dinner Reservation


The Reserve app, created by the founders of Uber and Foursquare, and currently available for use in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston, allows users to nab a table at the app’s list of the top restaurants based on your desired time frame. The only catch? Reserve charges a $5 booking fee and availability isn’t guaranteed.

If You Have … 1 Hour

Your Valentine has been dropping hints about wanting a spa day for weeks. But since it’s too late to fit that in today, stop by her favorite spa and grab a gift card to cover an entire day of pampering.


Last Minute Valentine's Day massage


Then recreate a mini spa experience at home in celebration of the holiday. Pick up one of her favorite celebrity gossip magazines from the grocery store and snag a new color of nail polish for her to try. Whip up one of these at-home facial recipes and draw her a warm bubble bath. This thoughtfulness is sure to hide any indication of procrastination.

If You Have … Less than 1 Hour

You are in crunch time. Your Valentine just texted that he’s on his way to your place and you completely forgot to plan anything special. Speed dial your favorite takeaway restaurant and order in a feast of all of your favorite items. This isn’t the time to skimp; get a little bit of everything to make the spread look over-the-top for the illusion that you actually planned ahead.


Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas picnic


For the setting, head outside for a picnic under the stars (weather permitting). No matter how much you have to bundle up, with a little wine and plenty of candlelight, this can be the epitome of romance.

If dining al fresco is out of the question, create a picnic environment indoors. Enjoy dinner on a blanket spread across the living room floor. A bonus: a warm, crackling fire close by.

Still looking for the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas to show how much you care? Making a personalized card and hand picking her favorite flowers are great ways to do just that.