11 Creative Ways to Reuse Vases

Resusable vases

A beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers is one of the best surprises anyone can receive. But what do you do with the vase after the blooms have lost their glory? Of course, you can always use them for another arrangement, but there are so many other creative ways to use them.

From organizing things around the house to easy DIY crafts, like creating your own DIY lamp, there are countless ways to upcycle your favorite vases. Check out the 11 creative ways to reuse vases that we’ve come up with below.


Store dog treats and toys.

resuable vase ideas dog toys

Sometimes, Fido’s toys and treats can easily get scattered all over the house. Keep your pup’s items in one place by storing their treats like bones, bouncey balls, and other toys in a decorative vase. Place the vase in an area that’s easy accessible so that it’s easy to reach for when it’s play time!

Finally, all those extra pieces of yarn have a home!

reusable vase ideas yarn

Whether you’re a master knitter or an amateur crocheter, you’ll need an easy way to store all that extra yarn. Store balls of yarn by placing them in the vase along with your favorite pair of knitting or crochet needles so that you’ll have everything you need in one place for your next project.

Repot your favorite succulent plant.

reusable vase ideas succulent plant

A vase can make the perfect home for a succulent plant. Line the bottom of the vase with rocks and gravel and a layer of soil mixed with sand to allow for proper drainage for this desert plant. Plant your favorite succulent in the mixture and you’ve instantly created a new display for your succulent.


Make your own air freshener by filling with potpourri.

reusuable vase ideas potpourri

Everyone loves the fragrance of potpourri, but who likes to deal with scattered flower petals? Instead of using a shallow dish, a vase is the perfect container to hold your favorite potpourri mixture. Once a week, stir the potpourri to mix it up and refresh the scent.

Create a desktop display out of your favorite pens and markers.

reusable vase ideas pen holder

Organize (and decorate!) your desk by storing all of your colorful pens, highlighters, pencils and other desktop accessories in a vase. Use a transparent vase so that you can easily see what you’ve stored inside.


Organize bathroom essentials easily and elegantly.

reusable vases cotton balls holder

Toiletry items like cotton balls and swabs are essential for keeping on your bathroom counter. Keep things organized by hiding them in a vase for easy access.


Entertain effortlessly by displaying utensils in colored vases that match your party decor!

reusable vases utensil holder

The key to effortless entertaining is to have everything your guests need at the touch of their fingertips. Keep all silverware and utensils in vases placed around the buffet table or have one on each table to make them easy to find.

You don’t have to be a crafty to make your very own DIY lamp.

reusable vases DIY lamp

Create your own DIY lamp by placing LED wire string lights inside a colorful vase. These string lights are perfect for the job because they’re much thinner than standard string lights. For an added touch of sparkle, turn on the flash setting to change up the ambiance in any room!

Create a makeshift herb garden for your kitchen countertop.

reusable vase ideas herb garden

Don’t you hate buying fresh herbs only to have them wilt or dry out in your fridge within just a few days? A chef hack for making these herbs last longer is to keep them on your kitchen countertop in a container filled with water so that they can drink up and stay fresh. Keep the herbs near your stove or chopping board so that you can tear off a few leaves with ease and add them directly to your dish.


There’s no such thing as having too many kitchen tools!

reusable vase ideas kitchen tools

If you’re the chef of the household, then there’s no such thing as having enough kitchen tools and gadgets. Keep your kitchen organized and precious countertop space clear by storing essential kitchen tools and utensils like spatulas, spoons, tongs, and ladles in your favorite vase near the stove.

Create the perfect mood lighting with candles.

reusable vase ideas candle holder

There’s nothing quite like candle light that can transform any old room into an ambient escape. Place your favorite candles inside our colorful clear glass vases to create some mood lighting whether it’s dressing up the table for a romantic dinner for two, or creating a festive vibe for a wine and cheese party with your closest friends. Fill with accessories like acorns for the fall, or coffee beans for warm and toasty fragrance.
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