Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

Mirror affirmations are an easy way to replenish the self-love pot we all need to keep full. If you need some assistance in the personal growth department, mirror affirmations can be a useful tool to boost your mindset and self-confidence. Find trendy mirror inspiration for your home to use for your manifestation moments. Style your wavy mirror with any flower arrangement and repeat your mantra in style. 

What Are Mirror Affirmations?

Affirmations, or mantras, are short expressions that are used to motivate and uplift you to reach a better version of yourself. They allow you to refocus your intentions in the hopes of changing your current reality. Affirmations can be used to encourage yourself to reach for your goals, as well as broaden your mindset. 

Affirmations fall under the umbrella of manifestation, also known as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual theory that determines the energy we push out to the universe will eventually come back to us. A key point to understand is while you continue to develop and use your affirmations, seek out opportunities that will provide you with growth and happiness. 

Mirror Talk Techniques

A mirror technique can be used when reciting your chosen affirmations. Mirror talk can be a powerful tool to use when practicing self-compassion. According to mirror talk psychology, it’s believed that the energy you speak into existence will reflect onto you. Here are some ways to use mirror talk when vocalizing your mirror affirmations.  

  • The optimal mirror talk: Stand directly in front of your mirror with at least the upper half of your body showing in the mirror. It is best to keep good posture when doing this, with your shoulders rolled back while standing straight up. Say your chosen affirmations out loud to yourself while maintaining direct eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Repeat your affirmations as many times as you feel necessary. It is suggested you repeat at least three times. 

  • Create several lists: Pair your affirmations with a list of your best qualities, either physically or interpersonally, and what you look forward to for the rest of your day. Adding this into your daily manifestation routine allows you to be more appreciative of what you have within yourself and in your life. Affirmations work to build a stronger connection between you and the universe. 

15 Mirror Affirmations for Growing Your Mindset and Confidence 

Whether you develop your own affirmations or use the affirmations below, they should reflect where you are on the path of your life. Affirmations can relate to family, relationships, finance or mental health. 

You can use your affirmations at any point of the day. It’s most common to use your mirror affirmations at the beginning and end of the day, typically when you are getting ready or heading to bed. You can always interchange your affirmations, depending on the week or month. 

Check out these adorable mirror affirmations that you can display next to your mirror or wherever you choose to practice your daily affirmations! 

Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

1. I will live this day positively and will walk with grace and confidence. 

2. I trust and believe that I will receive abundance. 

3. I will embrace new experiences that add to my growth. 

4. I will conquer any challenges I may face today. 

5. I am worthy of the love I extend to others. 

6. I feel good in the body I was given. 

7. I make choices that positively grow my mindset and benefit my life.

8. I believe in myself and know that I am good enough. 

9. I let go of any residing doubts and fears. 

10. I will continue to progress toward my goals. 

11. I nurture my body with what it needs. 

12. I accept the things I cannot control.

13. I trust in my gut and intuition when making decisions. 

14. I build off of my successes and acknowledge my failures.

15. I attract the positivity I spread out to others. 

Work a Wall With Wavy Mirrors

As people spent more time at home this past year, crafty home design trends boomed. Thanks to popular social media influencers, wavy mirrors have made an unanticipated comeback. The trend of these curvy-style mirrors goes back to the 1970s when homeware looked to art deco and eclecticism for inspiration. They can be lit up and colored, which makes them far more unique than a simple rectangle wood-framed mirror. 

You will find this style of mirror sits on the pricier side of the marketplace, thanks to its intricate design. If you are more of a DIY person, the frothy foam mirrors below are an easy project to tackle on a budget. 

Perky Pops of Pink

Play up the color in your trendsetting space with these bubblegum pink-inspired mirrors!

Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

How To Style a Wavy Mirror

There are plenty of unique ways to style mirrors — especially wavy mirrors — as they can add dimension and style to any room. Whether you have a blank wall to fill up or want to add a new piece to your home decor collection, try out one of these tips to spice up your space! 

  • Why not try a mirror wall collage? Play off the uniqueness of your wavy mirror by selecting mirrors of various sizes and styles to create a collage effect.

    • Pro tip: Thrift stores and consignment shops are great places to check out to keep the project budget-friendly! 

  • Keep it laid-back with a floor mirror! Using a large floor mirror can take up a lot of space, but can also add dimension and elegance to a room. 

    • Pro tip: To make the area feel more polished, add an accent end table, candles and greenery.

  • Create a get-ready station! If you don’t have a ton of space in your bathroom to get ready for the day, try creating a space in your bedroom. Grab a hanging mirror to use as the focal point, and a rolling table or small desk to use for storing your products and beauty tools. You can also create a similar space by the front door.

    • Pro tip: For better lighting, add a tall skinny lamp or trendy light fixture. This will also help make the space feel more complete. 

  • If you’re someone that enjoys playing with colors and textures, collect and display an assortment of mirrors, posters, picture frames and any other wall accent pieces to display. 

    • Pro tip: For extra pops of color, try painting the picture frames with colors drawn from the posters and pictures to create a unified look. According to color psychology, colors can evoke certain emotions and alter your mood. 

Try out one of these groovy wavy mirror trends, while being sure to implement a mirror affirmation or two into your daily routine! Add a trendy bar dresser into your living space with your wavy mirror as the focus of attention. Compliment the two pieces with a beautiful statement bouquet to tie it all together!