5 Ways to Make Up for a Valentine’s Day Fail

Sadly, Cupid’s arrows sometimes go awry and ultimately end up off target. If the cherub’s unfortunate crash-landing ended in fiery flames of disaster on Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to recover. We’ve put together a few unique ideas that are sure to reignite positive affirmations of unyielding love even after February 14.

Share the Beat of Your Heart


Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail workout


Nothing makes the heart beat faster than working up a sweat. Releasing endorphins is a great way to alleviate any stress that may have been caused by a failed Valentine’s Day attempt. Did we mention endorphins are also an aphrodisiac? So, grab your cutie and get physical with a pilates or yoga class, go for a run or play a sport together. Workouts are more fun in pairs and a partner is a perfect way to ensure you get a good kick in the derriere. If she’s the athletic type, surprise her with a new workout outfit that she can show off in downward facing dog or during a sprint.

Spice Things Up in the Kitchen


Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail kitchen


Channel your inner Julia Child and Jacques Pepin by cooking at home or taking a cooking class. Show your sensual sous that you know your way around the kitchen by cooking a meal together. Working together in the kitchen will likely cause prior V-Day mishaps to boil over as you whet your appetite with appetizers and a home-cooked meal. Show that you’re thoughtful and relive fond memories by whipping up a romantic meal from the past, such as your first date. For a twist, you can try breakfast in bed with champagne or mimosas. If cooking isn’t your thing, head out for sushi or take-out from a favorite restaurant.

Opt for an at-home wine tasting — go for all Italian wines, stick to French picks or decide on an array of several red wines. The options will make for a night of palate-pleasing conversation and new favorites to go back to for future special occasions.

Mix Things Up with Mixology


Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail drinks


Just as there is chemistry in love, cocktails take on a certain chemistry of their own. Craft the perfect love potion to lure your Valentine back in. Use unique or hard-to-find liqueurs and tinctures and shake things up while you sip. Think infused liquors, freshly muddled fruit, and aromatic herbs. Or, try a classic cocktail like a French 75. This fizzy drink begins with 1½ ounces of VSOP cognac, ½ ounce of simple syrup, and ½ ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Shake then pour into a martini glass and top with sparkling wine. Don’t forget to sip with your pinkies out!

Accept the Past is History


Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail acceptance


Visit a local museum and enjoy each other’s company as you learn something new together. Begin with lunch at an adorable bistro or farm-to-table café in a hip part of town. Check out the museum’s permanent collection or the newest exhibition you’ve both been dying to see. You’ll be able to explore the museum hand in hand while stimulating the visual senses.

Take Her Breath Away


Ways to make up for a valentine's day fail flowers


Sticky situations often call for flowers and personalized Valentine’s gifts. Though this might seem cliché, it’s also a generous gateway to saying, “I’m sorry.” We love the classic Red Rose Bouquet with a dozen gorgeous blooms accented by pops of baby’s breath. She will likely relinquish any anger or frustration caused by a lackluster or failed Valentine’s Day.