Long Distance Love: 5 Ideas For Everlasting Romance

Long Distance Love Mailbox

Long-distance love, whether separated by state lines or entire oceans, can still get flirty and romantic—anytime, anywhere. Unlike the World War II era of tucking a loved one’s tattered photograph in a wallet or mailing love letters overseas, today anyone in long distance relationships can email, text, instant message, Snapchat and Skype to keep the love ablaze. Sure, a digital connection can help, but two lovebirds can too easily get lazy in love while perched only upon virtual dates and text chats. Combat the distance between you and your long distance love with these creative ways to decorate the heart and stay connected, the way Cupid intended!


Notebook Exchange

A flirty text with the heart-eyes emoji is sweet to receive, but reading handwritten love notes creates a heart-felt sentiment. Use the Moleskine notebook of legendary artists or a classic decomposition notebook as a way to send and receive love notes and letters via snail mail. Journal about your day or scribe endearing love messages. Affectionate correspondence will surely make the heart grow fonder. Always speak from the heart, but if you find yourself short on words, use “you are my bucket list” or “by the way, I’m wearing that smile you gave me” to make your loved one smitten.

Long Distance Love Letter and Tea


Red Roses

If a man wants to swoon his lady, make her smile with a dozen long-stemmed roses (and of course tell her she’s beautiful, every day). Yes, women still love romantic gestures and chivalrous traditions. Vera Wang agrees, “flowers are the most beautiful gift. They’re the simplest way of inspiring delight and connecting with those we love.” Our gorgeous Vera Wang red rose bouquet will make her feel treasured and adored. For a romantic twist, send your sweetie a heart-shaped pendant or relaxing spa set packaged with fresh rose petals. The sweet fragrances and charm of lovely red rose petals will greet her as she opens her gift.

Red Roses Bouquet


Round of Drinks

A lady can let her man knows she’s thinking about him by treating him to a round of drinks, from afar! When you know that he’s out at his favorite hot spot on a Friday night, call the bar and ask the bartender to gather a round of Moscow Mules or Fireball shots for him and his buddies. He’ll appreciate the surprise and your thoughtfulness while he’s out and about on the town—and he won’t be embarrassed in front of the guys.

Round of Drinks


Polaroid Pics

Imagine yourself to be an intrepid photographer who captures beautiful moments of your everyday adventures. Mailing Polaroid snapshots to your other half will keep your lives intertwined and the connection alive. Take your new hobby up a notch by using Polaroid’s refurbished vintage-esque instant camera designed with the iconic styles of the original box camera. Even take silly, happy and sexy selfies. Don’t forget to write sweet messages on the back of each Polaroid for your loved one to gush over.

Polaroid and Coffee


Aphrodisiac Sweets

Surprising your loved one with sweet treats will arouse the senses and evoke desire. Deliver our gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries to your lover’s doorstep as an aphrodisiac gift of sensuality and amorous decadence. Our delectable confections (such as Chocolate Dip Delights Love Berry Gram Real Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Apple of My Eye Cake Bites or Real Dark Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Bites) make the mouth water and the heart skip beats.

FTD Chocolate Covered Strawberries