Know Your Floriography: Give the Right Rose & Avoid Floral Faux Pas

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Flowers and plants have been used to convey messages to recipients since biblical times. However, the current language of flowers, known as floriography, gained widespread popularity in Victorian times and those same meanings are still used today. In general, roses convey a message of love, but with a rainbow of shades to choose from, and each hue carrying its own meaning, be sure to carefully consider the associated flower meanings of different types of roses before selecting blooms to avoid a floral faux pas.


Red Roses


red rose meaning


You don’t have to know anything about the language of flowers to know the meaning of sending someone a bouquet of red roses. No other flower conveys true love like red roses. The deep scarlet shade instantly evokes images of a couple passionately in love. Red roses are one of the most universal symbols of love throughout the world; they say “I love you” in every language.




pink rose meaning


While there are as many meanings for pink roses as there are shades of the blushing hue, pink roses generally convey gratitude, grace, admiration and joy. This is the perfect floral choice for a new mom or a special graduate. Deep-pink roses are a lovely way to say thank you for support from people like an assistant, secretary or childcare provider. Lighter shades of pink tend to carry a more sympathetic message, making them the ideal color choice to send to a friend who is ill or grieving.




orange rose meaning


Orange roses represent enthusiasm and passion. A bouquet in this bold color sends a message of excitement and intrigue, making them the choice for a new love interest. They convey romance without the potentially overwhelming implications of red roses, which is ideal if you have only been dating the recipient for a few months and haven’t said the “L” word yet.




yellow rose meaning


If you see any long-term love potential, don’t you dare send yellow roses, which says you are happy to stay in the friend zone. Sunshine-hued roses represent friendship and are one of the only colors of roses that do not have any romantic meaning associated with them. This is a safe pick to cheer up a friend who is in the hospital or to show your sister support after a messy breakup.




white rose meaning


White roses symbolize innocence and purity, making it a popular selection for brides to use in the bridal bouquet and wedding decor. White roses are the perfect color bloom to send a newly engaged couple to say congratulations. This is also the perfect color selection for dads to send daughters to make them feel extra special on Valentine’s Day or to celebrate a recent accomplishment.

Additionally, white roses signify reverence, which makes them an appropriate choice to send someone following the death of a loved one to show your sympathy and respect for the loss. A bouquet of white roses says “I’m thinking of you” and is a subtle and thoughtful way to express your condolences when words fail you.