Pomp & Circumstance: Graduation Gifts for Your Favorite Overachievers

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Graduations are monumental milestones. Not just for the graduates but also for the families and friends celebrating them. Commend the grads you know — from the tiny kindergartener to the medical school graduate — with these extra special gift ideas.




preschool graduation gifts


Hats off to these kiddos! It’s a big accomplishment to recite the alphabet and count to 100. These tiny pupils are excited about going to school to learn every day, and this is just the beginning of their education experience.

As a gift for the littlest graduate, replicate the ultimate storytime experience with milk, chocolate chip cookies and a good book.

Mrs. Field’s Graduation Hat, featuring a variety of scrumptious cookies, comes in a fun and festive box. Pair the box with a Dr. Seuss favorite like “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Soon, they’ll be able to read it on their own.


Eighth Grade


eighth grade graduation gifts


The transition from middle school to high school is one of the most substantial — new school, new friends and challenging classes, all while trying to navigate the perils of teenage life.

And, it’s hard to know what to buy a teenager. What are their interests? What’s in these days, anyway? Play it safe while still going bold with a bright bouquet of grad-themed flowers. Pair the flowers with a box of treats — like the Happy Graduation Hugs box. This includes a cap-and-gown-clad teddy bear, as well as sweet munchies like caramel popcorn and cookies.


High School


high school graduation gifts


Too cool for school? By the time senior year rolls around, these teens are ready for life beyond homecoming and pre-calculus. Some students are sending out college applications, others have explored trade schools or taken to the family business. Whatever is on the horizon, graduating with a high school diploma is a big accomplishment.

Treat that teenage sweet tooth to You Did It Graduation Oreos, decadent chocolate-dipped cookies with graduation-themed embellishments.

If a party is in the plan, display these graduation hat cake pops from FTD alongside an colorful flower arrangement on the welcome or gift table. They’ll serve a dual purpose, first as the table centerpiece during the part and then as a gift for the grad to take home.




college graduation gift


Degree in hand, nothing can stop them now! Send them off into the real world in style with a small nest egg. Create a money lei, a traditional graduation staple. Some campuses may even allow grads to wear leis during the commencement ceremony. Pair the monetary gift with these sunny, grad-themed yellow flowers — after all, they’ve got a bright future ahead of them.


Grad School


grad school graduation gifts


Though these students have vowed to be lifetime learners, this grad is probably pretty excited to be done with school for a while. Often graduate school is tandem to family life or part- or full-time work. Celebrate the huge accomplishment of graduation, but also this person’s commitment to education. This Dom Perignon and Godiva chocolate pairing is perfect to toast. Tailor this gift to their particular degree. For example, for a medical school graduate, drape a toy (or real) stethoscope around the champagne bottle. And don’t forget to include a heart-felt card with it, a gift in itself.