10 Reasons to Deliver Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Every year millions of flowers are delivered on Valentine’s Day. Here are 10 simple reasons for you to deliver flowers early this year and beat that Valentine’s Day rush.

1. Wow, their coworkers.

For once, you are the hero of the office. Enough said.

2. Assure someone’s there to receive the flowers

There is nothing quite like surprising someone with a flower delivery. After all, you want to make sure that the surprise goes off without a hitch. If you are uncertain if your recipient will be home on Valentine’s Day, send them to their work or home early when you know someone will be there to receive them. Which brings us to our next reason…

Deliver Valentine's Flowers Early

3. Know the flowers won’t sit out in the cold

Unfortunately, there are a lot of areas that are extremely cold during this time of year. Such extreme temperatures do not bode well for flowers which are very delicate. We work hard to make sure our quality is top notch by putting hot packs and cold packs in our boxes depending on the temperature. However, sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda. Which brings us to another reason…

4. Avoid shipping delays caused by unpredictable weather

There always seems to be a winter storm that hits right when anyone has plans. Don’t risk having your Valentine’s delivery delayed by Mother Nature, and order your flowers early.

Deliver Valentine's Flowers Early

5. Give your significant other a reminder of your love all week long.

Experts will tell you that sitting all day in front of your computer is bad for your health. Well, a great perk about delivering your flowers early is that your recipient will at least get to look at them while they’re sitting in front of the computer all day. Which brings us to…

6. Make sure they’re perfect by Valentine’s Day.

When FTD ships flowers, they arrive in bud stage. This is done so that the flowers can be enjoyed all week and you can watch them open. If you deliver your flowers early, your significant other can enjoy them all week. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around, they will be in the perfect bloom stage.

Deliver Valentine's Flowers Early

7. Bypass busy stores and long lines on Valentine’s Day.

24 hours never seems to be enough hours in a day. Now add an additional trip to go and find flowers. Then, add a potential second stop because the first place didn’t have what you wanted. Now you have 23 hours in a day. Save precious time by order from FTD. You’ll thank us later when your schedule frees up on Valentine’s Day!

8. Beat the Valentine’s Day rush.

Have the freedom to choose from more options. It’s the basic economic principle of supply and demand: there are more people who are going to want flowers on Valentine’s Day. Beat the demand and order from FTD where you’ll have much more options to choose from.

Deliver Valentine's Flowers Early

9. Surprise your significant other by asking them out.

Send flowers as a formal invitation to your special Valentine’s Day date. No matter what, don’t send them an invite via a text message — that’s so beneath your smooth moves.

10. Show your sweetheart that you can plan ahead.

There’s nothing more attractive than a partner who knows how to plan ahead. Impress your sweetheart by taking the initiative to order flowers early. This is a move that will be sure to make them fall head over heals for you all over again.