The Art Of Care Packages For Homesick Students

Care Package Student

You were always there to help when your daughter needed anything, but now that she’s off at college, you feel completely helpless when hearing her explain her latest woes over the phone. Sure, you may not be there physically, but there are plenty of ways to show your love and offer comfort, no matter the distance. One of the easiest ways is by sending care packages.

For the Homesick College Freshman

When you dropped him off at college, your son seemed so excited and ready to start this new chapter in his life. Not that he’s admitted it, but you can tell he’s growing homesick by the increasing frequency of his phone calls and persistent questions about mundane details of life back home. Since he’s often complaining about the bland food in the dorm cafe covered by his meal plan, treat him to a taste of home by sending him a Crock Pot and a few of your signature recipes so he can make his favorite meals in his dorm room. Add in a gift card to the local supermarket to cover the grocery expenses as well as any necessary culinary gadgets to make sure he has everything he needs.

Is he a sports fanatic? A bouquet of roses dyed to match the college’s signature colors, complete with a vase showing the team’s logo, is a great way for him to represent his school and show team pride. Plus, it’s unique and will definitely catch attention from any lovely ladies who happen to walk by—a strategy that will certainly curb his homesickness.

Above all, include a tin of his favorite cookies (freshly baked, of course) for a dessert that is as delicious as it is comforting.

Care Package Thanksgiving Dinner


For the First Thanksgiving Away

Flying home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas can cost a small fortune with today’s high-priced airfare. While your daughter has come home for both holidays all through college, she’s working now and has limited paid vacation time, so she’s decided to spend Thanksgiving away. Help make her first Thanksgiving away from home special by sending an autumnal gift like our Autumn Cheer Ultimate Gift package, which includes a vase of sunflowers, two dozen Mrs. Fields cookies and a keepsake figurine to mark the occasion. The flowers will make the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece and your daughter and her friends will surely enjoy this contribution to their dessert spread.

FTD Autumn Cheer Ultimate Gift


For the Student Studying Abroad

Your son knew that daily life would change when he signed up to study in London for a semester, but he didn’t consider how it would affect his eating habits. Every time you FaceTime, it seems like he’s complaining about bland British food and all of the things the supermarkets don’t carry. Surprise him with a package of his favorite Stateside treats he can’t get in the UK. Include snack items as well as seasoning blends, good old Mac ‘n Cheese and his favorite sweets. Be sure to do your due diligence before shipping it to avoid high international postage rates. If sending especially heavy items, like canned goods, consider sending everything in a USPS flat-rate box.

Wrapped Mail Package


For the Heartsick Daughter Away from Home

You knew there’d eventually be trouble when your daughter told you she and her high school boyfriend were going to stay together, long distance, when she left for college. With him going off to another school two time zones away, you could see this heartbreak coming a mile away, but your daughter assured you, their love could handle the distance. When you got that call just a few weeks into the semester, you knew what happened as soon as you heard the quiver in her voice on the phone: he broke up with her. Since crawling through the phone lines to give her a hug is out of the question, you need to get a bit more creative with your comfort skills. Instead, overnight her a tin of cookies—we suggest the Mrs. Fields Classic Tin sampler—and gift her a few of the latest tragic chick flicks on iTunes so she can get some perspective to see that her situation isn’t so bad. After a good cry, some quality time with our Chocolate Indulgence Basket and some time commiserating with her new college girlfriends, she’ll realize what a great new opportunity this is for her.

FTD Mrs. Field's Classic Tin


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