15 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Gifts Sparkle

15 gift wrapping ideas

Sometimes the best part of a gift is all in the wrapping! Show your friends and family how much you care about them this holiday season by getting creative with your gift wrapping. We know there are many different ways to wrap a gift, so to help you get started we’ve rounded up 15 gift wrapping ideas to inspire your holiday gifting.

From floral gift toppers to making your own trendy gift wrapping papers, you are bound to find an idea or two that will match your holiday style. We’ve featured the main elements included within each gift wrapping idea, along with a helpful list of the materials used so that you can easily recreate these creative gift wrapping ideas on your own!

1. Luxurious and Eclectic


Combine a mixture of materials to create this luxuriously eclectic look. The team at Green Wedding Shoes combined a silk flower with gold painted faux berry branches and spotted feathers to create this delicate gift wrap design. Tie the elements together with a piece of rustic twine and add a handwritten gift tag for the finishing touch.


2. Vintage and Unique


Vintage botanical prints are a classic way to incorporate flowers into your gift wrapping techniques this holiday season. Photographer Nancy Neil captured these gorgeous gift boxes created by Simone LeBlanc for OnceWed. Here the floral prints take center stage and are adhered to kraft gift boxes. Paint the edges with gold paint and use hemp twine to tie everything together. To make it extra fancy, stamp a wax seal for the finishing touch.


3. Feminine and Chic


Feminine florals, feathers and unique ribbon choices are the elements that create this adorable boho chic gift wrap. Nikki from Tikkido adds a unique touch by braiding thin leather ribbons together to tie the whole look together.


4. Rustic and Simple


Wrapped gifts make the perfect holiday decor. Paper snowflakes give these gifts a unique handmade look that’s easy to recreate. Indulge in the holiday spirit by adding dried orange slices. Not only are they pretty to look at, they add a delicate warm scent to your holiday decor.


5. Classic and Rustic


These miniature wreaths are perfect for the holidays. Alicia from Nick and Alicia created her gift toppers from grapevine wreaths and sprigs of boxwood leaves. Combine with burlap ribbon and twine for a rustic look that’s both classic and fitting for the holidays.


6. Personal and Heartfelt


Who knew that photos would make the perfect gift wrap accessory? Take your favorite holiday photos for one of the most creative gift wrapping ideas out there. Photos allow you to create a memorable experience for both your friends and family once they receive your heartfelt gift. Black and white photos also add a touch of nostalgia that’s perfect for the holidays. Simply slide them behind ribbon or string and write a special message on the back for an easy Christmas card idea.


7. Handmade and Chic


Kraft paper is such a versatile material when it comes to gift wrap ideas. Molly from Almost Makes Perfect creates these homemade gift wrap papers by hand painting them in white paint. Three techniques are used here including: dry brush, paint splattering, and simple brushstrokes. Get creative with your own designs by using different colors and techniques!


8. Bold and Vibrant


There are many creative ways to add flowers to your gifts! To create these unique gift toppers, simply adhere paper flowers to the tops of your gift boxes. Pair these fun floral toppers with brightly colored boxes to make your gifts pop!


9. Classy and Fresh


Incorporate fresh flowers into your gift wrapping by creating these stunning floral gift tags from Studio DIY. Simply take a few of your favorite florals and cut the blooms away from stem. Adhere the flower head to a gift tag with a hot glue gun and thread a string through the gift tag. Now you have a decorative floral gift tag that your gift recipient will remember.


10. Modern and Glamorous


Combine bold and artsy prints with classic elements to create this eclectic look. Teri from The Lovely Drawer created these free printable gift wrap designs so that you can easily recreate this unique gift wrapping idea! Adorn with classic mini gold ornaments to add a pop of sparkle and pizzazz.


11. Trendy and Sweet


Who doesn’t love a little glitter on their gifts? Stacey Mika from Anastasia Marie Stationery created these mini flags from metallic card stock. Simply cut the cardstock into your desired shape, punch a hole in them and loop a piece of string throughout. Tie the string around your gift box and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and creatively wrapped gift that will be sure to stand out!


12. Colorful and Fun


This gift wrapping idea is all about the washi tape. Also known as Japanese masking tape, these fun strips come in an assortment of colors and designs and are taking over the craft world by storm. This gift wrapping idea from Poppytalk uses an assortment of pastel-colored strips of washi tape to create a fun confetti-like design.


13. Geometric and Modern


Create this geometric look by doubling up on the gift wrapping paper. Wrap your gift with brightly colored tissue paper. Next, take a piece of kraft paper and cut designs using an x-acto knife. Then wrap the kraft paper over the tissue paper layer and you’re pretty much done! Faith from Design Fixation cut mini V-shaped slits and folded them up to create the look of adorable mini Christmas trees!


14. Charming and Stylish


Use gold-tipped feathers to give your gifts a sparkling boho-chic vibe. Create your own by painting gold over paper feathers. Lia Griffith created her feathers by cutting a variety of shapes from glittered cardstock and painting the tips with a gold leaf pen. Attach them to a simple ribbon or string for an easy DIY gift topper.


15. Sparkly and Playful


Did you know that you can design your own colored tapes by just using a bit of glitter and double-sided tape? The creative team over at Brit + Co created these fun stripes by adhering the tape to kraft paper and sprinkling glitter and gold holiday confetti on top. Combine your favorite colors and textures to create a design that’s uniquely your own!


We hope that these creative gift wrapping ideas have inspired you to make your gifts sparkle this holiday season. Whether you’re holiday style is classic and luxurious or boho chic, there’s a gift wrapping idea that will be sure to please any gift recipient. For more holiday inspiration, browse our holiday collection for unique gift ideas!