Flower Color Identification Guide

Choosing flowers is a very visual and emotional process. There is a color psychology that states that yellow is friendly and joyful while blue is calming and peaceful. Along with these, we also have personal connections we make based on our memories. A yellow daffodil might remind you of a childhood garden while a red poinsettia makes you think of gingerbread men and presents under a tree.

No matter the occasion, color is a good place to start. Begin by choosing a color that you want as your focal point throughout your design. Whether you are choosing flowers for a wedding and want to match the color scheme or florals for your home and want to highlight the wall color, we have options for you.

To help you sort through, we’ve created a flower identification guide by color. Choose your focal color and then sort through the page by season to see what will be in bloom for your event. Making sure your flowers are in season will ensure a fresh and flawless presentation.

Click a color below to learn more about the flower varieties by season.