100+ Fall Decor Ideas Inspired By Pantone Colors


Every fall, Pantone announces their fall color report which showcases exciting new colors that will set the trend for the season. This year, the Pantone 2016 Fall Color Report includes classic fall colors that are earthy, organic and warm, along with trendy and exciting colors meant to brighten up the fall palette. Featuring a mix of burnt oranges, bright reds, dusty neutrals, and exotic pinks and yellows, the colors that define this fall season create a luxuriously eclectic, yet classically trusted combination.

To help you decorate your home for fall, we’ve created seven color palettes filled with fall decor ideas that are inspired by this season’s fall Pantone colors including: Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay and Bodacious. Use these color palettes as a guide to choose everything you need for your fall decor, from fall accent pieces to colorful rugs, and from exciting new wall colors to floral arrangements. We also created a quick guide featuring our favorite fall Pantone colors along with creative ways to incorporate them into your home decor.


Aurora Red offers a pop of passionate color against the muted tones of fall. Exciting and dynamic yet sensual, this color screams confidence in any room. It’s the perfect accent color for your fall decor and can be used in floral arrangements, bohemian rugs, decorative throw pillows, and more. If you’re daring, try it as a base color by painting it on your walls for a dramatic effect.


Spicy Mustard is decidedly the most exotic addition to this season’s fall color palette. Uplifting and vibrant, this season’s yellow is luxuriously zesty. When shopping for fall decorations, look for this color in geometric shapes and abstract designs, and feel free to try varying textures to truly show off this unique color.


Potter’s Clay is a rusty burnt orange that is this season’s adaptation of fall’s orange pumpkins and changing leaves. Rustic and earthy, this rustic color can serve as a bold accent or as a grounded neutral base for your fall decor. This classic yet trendy color is popular in both bohemian and modern styles.


Warm Taupe is a warm and inviting color that evokes feelings of comfort and stability. Timeless and classic, it is a reliable color that will never steer you wrong when it comes to your fall decorating. Use Warm Taupe as an earthy base color, or as an accent against a white backdrop.


Bodacious is the most vibrant color in the palette, and is probably the most unexpected. Although it has a huge personality, and may seem to want to stand alone, it is actually quite versatile and pairs well with pinks and reds. This bright purple with notes of sophisticated pink is capable of turning fashion accents into fashion statements. Make a statement in your fall decor by using Bodacious to mix things up and add an element of surprise and excitement.


Dusty Cedar is inspired by the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year: Rose Quartz. This dusty and rosy pink shade evokes feelings of warmth. When decorating for fall, use this color to create an inviting space that’s both uniquely trendy yet charmingly classic.


Lush Meadow is reminiscent of the deep green hues of the emerald gemstone. It evokes elegance and sophistication, and offers a depth of color that’s incredibly rich yet refreshingly bright. As the leaves turn this fall, use Lush Meadow to bring back the exuberance of the fading leaves.


Bring the colors of fall into your home with these fall decor ideas based on the Fall 2016 Pantone palette featuring: Aurora Red, Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay, Warm Taupe, Bodacious, Dusty Cedar, and Lush Meadow.

Feeling inspired by Pantone’s fall colors? Checkout the guide below featuring our favorite fall Pantone colors, along with ideas on how to incorporate them into your fall home decor. For more inspiration, browse our fall bouquets to explore floral-inspired decor for your home. With inspiring fall color themes including garnet and amber to cinnamon spice, you can discover exciting new color combinations to spruce up your home this fall.


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Spicy Mustard
Left: Haute Savage
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Potter’s Clay
Left: Kimberly Genevieve Photography
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Aurora Red
Left: D-Max Photography