3 Quick & Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts


Want to show someone you care with a handmade present but don’t have hours to spend creating it? Here are three from-the-heart DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone on your list — without spending too much quality time with your trusty glue gun.

Love is… Golden.

Gold is a hot trend right now, and this golden DIY could not be simpler. Take a white mug (this one came from IKEA) and a gold Sharpie marker.


Then, write a message to your loved one in your handwriting or a fancy script. Embellish with hearts, polka dots, stripes, swirls, doodles… whatever strikes your fancy. This is especially perfect for writing terms of endearment or inside jokes, and can be personalized to whoever receives it. Be sure to keep the ink away from the rim of the mug, and hand wash to preserve your sweet message!


Love is… Bold.

Washi tape is a current go-to supply for quick and modern crafts, and it pairs perfectly with glass. Use it to embellish a plain, glass vase and create something punchy, bold and personalized!


It’s a great way to dress up a clear, square vase, perhaps a spare from a past FTD arrangement. Pull off the desired amount, wrap around the square vase and flatten to eliminate air bubbles. Play with overlapping and angles.


Choose Valentine’s Day-themed tape or go for favorite colors. Though FTD arrangements are ready to give as-is, you can put a personal touch on an arrangement if you desire. It’s a fantastic gift idea for parents, siblings, teachers, administrative professionals, and anyone who deserves a little extra love.


Love is… Sweet.

Who doesn’t love a mason jar? These 4-ounce-sized jars are perfect for filling with treats like chocolates or even a homemade sugar scrub. Embellish the top with an embroidered note using these simple steps.


Cut a circle of burlap large enough to overlap the metal disk of the mason jar. Use embroidery thread to sew simple words or motifs. (Be sure to keep within the space that will show when assembled). Ideas include arrows, hearts, words, conversation hearts or names. I made sure to backstitch a few areas to make it stand out. For example, if you sew a dashed running stitch, double back and go over the parts that were dashed to create a straight line. The large holes of the burlap make it a cinch to embroider.


Then, fill the jar with goodies. Place the burlap over the metal disk and then screw the open circle on top, and voilà.


In the end, you have a fun DIY treat jar that’s perfect for giving to someone you adore! Since you can personalize both the top and what’s inside, the possibilities for gifting are endless. It’s a gift that will be appreciated by your sweetie, kids, teachers, friends and more.


Create handmade gifts to show you care. It doesn’t have to take much time or break the bank. All of these ideas pair perfectly with Valentine’s Day flowers. Show that special someone in your life that love is golden, bold and sweet!