15 Ways to Hang A Wedding Garland You Wish You Thought Of

Looking for ways to make a statement with your wedding decor?

Well look no further, because we’ve put together a list featuring 15 creative ways to hang wedding garlands. From adorning the cake table to decorating the bride and groom’s getaway car, these ideas will be sure to inspire your wedding decor. Of course, floral garlands are our favorites, but did you know that you can create unique garlands using non-floral elements like photographs and ribbons?

We created visuals below featuring each wedding garland idea along with quick tips so that you can easily recreate the look. Check out our ideas below and share your favorite ideas.


1. On a chair

Dress up your wedding chairs with a floral garland. For the bride’s and groom’s chairs, string a garland to connect the two to symbolize a union. Leafy branches such as the eucalyptus and olive branches like the ones featured here, can create the perfect look.

Photo by: Krista A. Jones Photography


2. Over a menu board

Arrange a floral garland around your menu board for an added touch of sophistication and elegance. Most likely, your menu board will be one of the first things your guests will see when they arrive at the reception, so make it impressive and one to remember by bringing it to life with flowers.

Photo by: Ana Lui Photography


3. On a cake table

A garland wrapped around the cake table sets the perfect stage for the second biggest star of the reception (with the number one star being the bride of course!). Use flowers that match the decor on your wedding cake for a cohesive look that will be sure to impress.

Photo by: Marissa Lambert Photography


4. Tying back a curtain

Curtains are a great way to add drama and flair to your special day. Use a garland to tie back your curtains for an added touch of sophistication and elegance.

Photo by: Michael Radford Photography


5. On a wedding car

After the nuptials, leave the ceremony in style with a getaway car that’s adorned with a stunning garland of flowers. Simply tie the garland to the hood of the car using twine or string to secure it in place. Alternatively, you may choose to decorate the back of the car by hanging a garland along the bumper.

Photo by: Jen Huang Photo


6. On a ceremony arch

The arch will be the focal point of your ceremony. There’s no better way to highlight this special part of your wedding than with a gorgeous garland to bring it to life. Delicate white or sheer curtains make the perfect accents. Allow the garland to fall and drape over the arch naturally to achieve an organic look.

Photo by: Jenna Bechtholt Photography


7. As a table centerpiece

Impress your wedding guests with a stunning garland as the centerpiece for your reception tables. Lush florals such as dahlias, peonies, and ranunculuses add the perfect amount of drama and elegance. Garlands are a great alternative to large centerpieces, because they have a low profile which will allow your guests to interact from across the table.

Photo by: Milou + Olin Photography


8. Lining the aisle

Set the perfect stage for the bride, by decorating the ceremonial aisle with lush garlands on either side. Arrange the garlands along the legs of the ceremony chairs, or even intertwine them. Remember to keep the profile of the garland nice and low so that your guests are able to step over them easily.

Photo by: Kevin Chin Photography


9. Using photographs

Share the memories you created with your love by stringing old photos on a garland. For an outdoor wedding, a creative way to display them is to wrap the garland around a tree. Simply clip your photos to a string or twine.

Photo by: Rochelle Cheever Photography


10. Strung with flowers

Create a curtain of flowers by stringing your favorite flowers and hanging them from the ceiling. Whether you choose to stick with one flower, or decide to mix it up, there are so many ways to get creative with this garland idea. Daisies, like the ones featured here, are perfect for stringing due to the large size of the flower heads.

Photo by: Connie Whitlock Photography


11. Around a column

Bring your reception to life by wrapping a garland around tent poles to create stunning columns throughout the space. For the best result, use vines or long, young branches that are flexible to make wrapping around the columns easy. Classic white roses and hydrangeas set against the dark green foliage creates a look that is both simple yet elegantly classic.


12. Using paper cranes

According to Japanese culture, cranes are a symbol of love since they are one of the few birds that mate for life. Cranes are also believed to be holy creatures that can live for 1,000 years. Thus, it is common practice for Japanese families to fold 1,000 origami cranes to gift the couple on their wedding day — one crane for each year of its life.

To bring prosperity into your new marriage, string paper cranes and suspend them overhead for a unique touch that will be sure to delight your guests.


13. Including ribbons

Who says that garlands can only be made up of flowers? Add ribbons into the mix for a boho chic look. Watch the ribbons sway in the wind, a look that’s perfect for any outdoor wedding. Another creative idea is to suspend flowers from the ends of their stems to add variety and dimension to your garland.

Photo by: M and J Photography


14. Hanging overhead

Take your wedding decor to great heights by hanging garlands overhead. This idea is perfect for decorating the space over long reception tables. Make sure your floral garlands are hanging high enough to with enough clearance for guests to stand, yet low enough to be noticed as they’re seated. Combine form with function by adding chandeliers or a string of lights for just the right amount of lighting to bedazzle your guests.

Photo by: Amy and Jordan Photography


15. Decorating a chandelier

Lighting is especially important when it comes to wedding decor. Get creative by hanging geometric chandeliers from the ceiling for a contemporary touch. Decorate each chandelier by intertwining floral garlands throughout for a soft and feminine look.

Photo by: Georgeous


We hope these creative wedding garland ideas have inspired your wedding decor. To help you choose the right color palette for your decor, check out our post featuring wedding flower ideas inspired by the trendiest Pantone colors. For more inspiration, browse our wedding collection for more stunning ideas!



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