8 Free Botanical Prints to Liven Up Your Space

9 Free Botanical Prints

Gallery walls are a fun way to express your personal style, while also letting it evolve. All you need are a variety of frames so you can switch out the art in them as often as you’d like.

One trend that’s been popular in gallery walls is including botanical prints. Some mimic pressed flowers in frames, while others take a more artistic and vintage approach by showing faded flower sketches. No matter your preference, floral decor is a trend that’s here to stay.

To help you embrace this look, we have free botanical prints that you can use to create a gallery wall. Simply pick one or a few designs, print them out at your local print shop, and display them for all to admire. Find a print that will fit your wall by choosing from the classic framing sizes 5×7, 8×10 or 11×14.


Rose Botanical Print

Roses are the classic symbol of love and romance. They are just as beautiful in a bouquet as they are individually. Display a rose print in your home to encourage a loving space.

Botanical Print Rose

Download Rose Print



Daffodil Botanical Print

Are you decorating a new home or looking for a fresh start? Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings. This bright yellow daffodil print will give your home the energy you are seeking.

Botanical Print Daffodil

Download Daffodil Print



Peony Botanical Print

Peonies are a symbol of romance, prosperity, and good fortune. Hang this print in your bedroom or living room to create a positive and welcoming home.

Botanical Print Chinese Peony

Download Peony Print



Gardenia Botanical Print

Gardenia topiaries produce brilliant white flowers. For a neutral-colored print that will match any decor or color scheme, try hanging a gardenia flower. This vintage print will give your home a pure and sophisticated look.

Botanical Print Gardenia

Download Gardenia Print



Hydrangea Botanical Print

Hydrangeas are as popular in the garden as they are in the home. To create a fresh and calming atmosphere, hang this blue hydrangea print in your living room. It will be a source of relaxation after a busy day.

Botanical Print Hydrangea

Download Hydrangea Print



Chinese Pear Botanical Print

Ever wonder where your gourmet fruit comes from? It grows on equally as elegant trees. This Chinese pear flower mixes red and pink hues and would be a stunning addition to any gallery wall.

Botanical Print Chinese Pear

Download Chinese Pear Print



Greenery Botanical Print

Refresh your space with some greenery. The color green is a symbol of balance, health, and youthfulness. Create a space that reflects these traits by pairing this cinnamon print with unique green plants.

Botanical Print Greenery

Download Greenery Print



Iris Botanical Print

The iris flower comes in many beautiful hues, from purples to yellows to blues. Embrace the warmth of this orange-yellow print by hanging it in your kitchen or office. The orange will encourage enthusiasm, creativity, and success.

Botanical Print Iris

Download Iris Print


Not sure which print to pick? Try one that matches flowers in season. This way you can match your wall decor with a bouquet of seasonal flowers in a vase for a cohesive look.