How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home

Our homes are where we go to recharge and regroup. They are a place of relaxation after a long day of work, a hub of positive energy when friends and family visit and a safe-haven to escape to with the people you love.


There are many ways that people go about making their home into a healing and rejuvenating space. Some choose to embrace minimalism. Others do as the Danish do and include hygge decor in their space to enjoy the simple pleasures.


One of the latest home decor trends has been decorating with crystals to create a rejuvenating space. Crystals come in many sizes but are generally smaller, so they can be embraced by any sized home. Not only are these gems beautiful to look at, but they’re believed to hold  certain healing energies that can positively impact your living space.


Popular crystals for the home


Crystals In Your Home - Amethyst


Amethyst is a popular stone, known for its deep purple color. This crystal represents clarity and is used to ward off the intoxication of deception. To promote truth and clarity, keep amethyst in your living and entertaining room, where people tend to gather.


Crystals In Your Home - Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love. Its soft pink hue radiates a heartwarming energy that can help resolve anger and eliminate disappointments. To embrace eternal love towards others and yourself, use rose quartz when decorating your bedroom.


Crystals In Your Home - Orange Calcite


Calcite is popular in shades of emerald and orange. The orange hue has the power of the sun, shining through any darkness or negativity. Try incorporating orange calcite into your kitchen for a warm welcoming of nourishment.


Crystals In Your Home - Selenite


Selenite is unique because of its cloudy white color. Selenite represents balance, harmony and peace. To create a peaceful place to rest your eyes, add selenite to your bedroom decor.


Crystals In Your Home - Shungite


Shungite is dark gray in color. It is known as being a protection stone against electric and magnetic fields. Place shungite by the electronic devices in your home such as computers, microwaves, cell phones and televisions.


Crystals In Your Home - Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is dark in color but has a translucent quality that makes it appealing. It’s used to protect while also energizing. Place black tourmaline by the entrance of your house to provide protection and turn any negative energy that may enter into  positive energy.


Crystal Decor Inspiration

Once you’ve decided on which crystals you want to display in your home, there are many ways you can style them. Is you home full of succulents and wildflower arrangements? Add the crystals into the flower pots. Do you often host parties? Try adding geode coasters to your dining room. We have crystal decor inspiration that will help you incorporate crystals into your home in a trendy and tasteful way.


Crystals In Your Home - Room Infographic

Top photo: Style Thirst  |  Middle photo: Soul Makes  | Bottom photo: Soul Makes


Crystals In Your Home - Table Infographic

Top photo: Jojotastic  | Middle photo: Soul Makes  | Bottom photo: Energy Muse


Crystals In Your Home - Plants Infographic

Middle photo: Energy Muse  |  Bottom photo: LuxDeco

Now that you know what type of crystals are good for your home, you can get creative with where you place them. Whether you want to pair them with a mixed flower bouquet for an elegant look in the living room or prefer to use them as simple bedside decor, the energy in the space will benefit.


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