How to Arrange Mixed Rose Bouquets from FTD

It has arrived! The black box has hit your doorstep and you have opened it to a bouquet of beautiful mixed roses.   Now what? 

Step by Step Guide on How to Arrange Mixed Rose Bouquets from FTD:

Mixed Roses Box


Gathering all of your materials is quite easy. Here’s all you will need –


Mixed Roses Prep Tools


We used scissors, tape, and stem cutters. If you don’t have stem cutters, scissors will work just fine.

Once you’ve gathered all of these, remove the bouquet and vase from the box.  Remove the flower food from the vase and fill your vase 2/3 fill with water.

Mixed Roses tools

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to wipe your vase off after filling it with water so that the tape sticks later!


Begin applying the tape in a grid-like pattern along the top of the vase.  Start by lining the tape up in one direction, leaving enough room in between the pieces of tape for stems to fit.

Note: the wider your tape is the fewer stems will fit. To make your tape skinnier, you can cut it in half length-wise with your scissors.


Mixed Roses Vase Tape


Once you have completed the tape in one direction, begin applying it to the opposite direction forming that grid-like pattern.


Mixed Roses Vase Tape Grid


Mixed Roses Close-up Vase


Once the tape is in place, unbundle the bouquet from the packaging.  Begin by placing the foliage stems along the outside rim of the vase creating a base for the bouquet.


Mixed Roses Arranging Leaves


Note: Before putting all of these stems in the vase, cut about one inch off of each piece at a diagonal. This way the stem won’t sit flat on the bottom of the vase not allowing any water up the stem.


Mixed Roses Cutting Stem


Once the foliage is in place, it is time to arrange the roses.  You will notice that the roses were delivered to you in two lengths.


The longer roses will go in the middle of the vase and the shorter stems will go along the outside. Begin by placing the longer roses in the middle of the grid in your vase.  With mixed roses, you will want to vary the colors as you place them in the vase.


Mixed Roses Long Stems First


After you have placed all of the longer stemmed roses in the vase, begin placing the shorter stems along the rim between the longer stems and the foliage.


Mixed Roses Arranging Short Stems


Once all of the roses are in the vase, place the remaining foliage throughout the bouquet.


Mixed Roses Accent Stems


Arranging your bouquet using these few steps will ensure that you get maximum enjoyment and all of the blooms will be on display.


Take a look at our blooms a few days in!

Mixed roses few days later


After you’ve enjoyed your roses, there are plenty of ways to keep enjoying the vase!


vase resuse


For more quick tips on what to do with your vase after you’ve enjoyed your roses, check out our 5 Easy DIY Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Vases.