How to Marble Paper

How To Marble Paper

A trendy way to spice up your gift giving is by marbling paper. This paper marbling DIY allows you to get creative with color choice and with what you want to marble. Anything from place cards to gift tags is fair game. Try pairing a marbled card with a succulent for a gift to a teacher or coworker. Are you asking a friend to be your bridesmaid with a bridesmaid proposal? Wrapping the gift with marbled paper will make it even more unique. The options are endless!

Marbling techniques help you transform a plain piece of paper into a work of art. The easiest and most popular marbling method is shaving cream marbling. It only requires a few steps and you may already have these items lying around the house!


How to Marble Paper


Paper Marbling Materials


What you’ll need:

  • Baking sheet
  • Shaving cream
  • Watercolors, acrylic paint or food coloring
  • Cardstock
  • Paint brush
  • Scraper (paint scraper, ruler or squeegee to remove the shaving cream)


Step 1: Fill the baking sheet with shaving cream.


Paper Marbling Step 1 - Add Cream

Fill a portion of the baking sheet with shaving cream foam. The area you fill should be a little larger than the size of the paper you are marbling. Make sure you use a shaving cream that foams; don’t use a gel or lotion.


Step 2: Smooth the shaving cream.


Paper Marbling Step 2 - Smooth Cream

Use the scraper to smooth out the shaving cream so that it has an even surface. This will make pressing the paper into the shaving cream easier in the later steps. It will also allow for a full coverage of colors.


Step 3: Add in color.


Paper Marbling Step 3 - Add Color

Choose three or four colors that you want to marble your paper with. If you want a base color, begin by making the shaving cream that color. Add in a few drops of the other colors you’d like to use. You can always use more colors, but be cautious about using more than four, since that might turn the shaving cream brown.


Step 4: Swirl your colors.


Paper Marbling Step 4 - Swirl

Take the end of the paint brush or a toothpick and run it through the colors in the shaving cream to create a swirled pattern. To create this pattern, draw figure eights in the cream. Be careful not to mix it too much or else it will lose its marbled appearance.


Step 5: Lightly press your paper onto the shaving cream.


Paper Marbling Step 5 - Light Press

Gently press your paper into the tray of colored shaving cream so that its whole surface comes in contact with the paint. Once it’s covered, remove the paper from the tray. Don’t let it sit for more than a minute, or else your paper will get too wet and and the pattern won’t appear.


Step 6: Scrape off the extra shaving cream.


Paper Marbling Step 6 - Wipe Off Cream

Immediately after removing the paper, use a paint scraper, piece of cardboard, ruler or any straight edge to wipe off the remaining shaving cream. Make sure you do this in an area that is easy to clean because it can get messy.


Step 7: Let your paper dry and enjoy!


Paper Marbling Step 7 - Let Paper Dry

Set your marbled paper aside to dry for about an hour. Placing it on a cookie cooling sheet will keep it from sticking to any surfaces or getting damaged. Once the paper is dry you can display it as you wish.


How to Marble Place Cards


How to Marble Place Cards

You can use this marbling technique on place cards to impress your friends at a brunch party or to wow your guests by creating marbled place cards that match your wedding flowers. Simply follow the steps above and let the cardstock dry. Once it’s dry, cut into rectangles and fold in half. Write the guest’s name on the card and put it by their place at the table.


How to Marble Gift Tags


How To Marble Gift Tags

Whether it’s nearing the holiday season or you’re giving a gift just because, adding a unique gift tag will make all the difference. Purchase white gift tags to marble or cut your cardstock into a fun shape after you’ve marbled it and let it dry. If you decide to purchase the tags, be sure that they are they are a sturdy paper like cardstock.


How to Marble Envelopes


How to Marble Envelopes

Are you sending a thank you note or a birthday card anytime soon? Add a special touch by marbling the envelope. This can be done two ways; you can either marble the whole envelope or just the flap. Either way, be sure not to let the paper sit in the shaving cream for more than 30 seconds; the paint will soak through the envelope quickly.



How To Marble Paper - Infographic


Marbling paper is a fun way to add a twist to traditional gift giving. Try this shaving cream marbling technique at home and discover how easy it is to dress up a present (even if it’s a belated gift)!