Halloween Candy Recipes: Try These When You Have Too Much Candy

Sugared out from all of the Halloween treats?  Well – personally I’m not sure there’s such a thing as sugared out but then again sweets are my thing.  Why just unwrap a sweet treat and eat it when you can do so many more inventive things like these Halloween Candy Recipes?

Here are a few new ideas for those leftover peanut butter cups, snickers, milky ways and more to make post Halloween a bit more fun.

Halloween Candy Recipe: Snickers Taffy Apple Salad

Snicker Taffy Apple Salad Ingredients

I made a taffy apple salad recipe once that was so much more complex and when I found this one I never turned back.  Why buy the peanuts, chocolate, and caramel separate when you can just cut up a snickers bar.  They’ve  done all the work for you and you’re using that leftover Halloween candy as a way to get your kids to eat fruit.  OK – maybe still full of sugar, but this one is a hit.  It was always a staple at our super bowl parties growing up.

Ingredients (You can make ½ batch if preferred)

4-6 large apples diced (I prefer granny smith or golden delicious – depending on your tartness preference)  Red are a bit sweet for this recipe in my personal opinion

1 5 oz package of Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix (don’t make it – just the powder)

4-6 Large Snicker bars diced (or a bag of minis)

½ Cup Milk

1 16 oz cool whip tub

Caramel ice cream topping


If you want to take it up a notch add these 2 ingredients as well (see modified directions)

1 16 oz can crushed pineapple (remove juice or sub milk for juice)

Mini Marshmallows – 1-2 cups

Regular version: Snickers Taffy Apple Salad

1.Core and dice apples and set aside

Apple Sliced

2.  Dice Snickers and set aside (note – they are easy to dice cold so put in fridge for an hour)

Cut Snickers Bars

3. Mix milk and pudding


4. Fold in cool whip

pudding and cool whip mixed

5. Fold in apples and snickers

add in snickers

6. Drizzle caramel topping

caramel drizzle


snickers taffy apple salad

Take it up a notch version

  1. Follow directions above
  2. Fold in marshmallows and pineapple with apples and snickers

pineapple marshmellow salad

Tastes best if you make the night before so marshmallows, apples and snickers soften a bit.


Halloween Milky Way Rice Krispy Treats Candy Recipe:

rice krispy recipe

Yes – that’s right – why go with plain old marshmallow when you can make them chocolate and caramel.

This one is so simple too.

What you need….

2 bags of mini Milk way bars

Butter – 1 Cup (2 sticks)

Crisp Rice Cereal – your fav brand of generic – 8 Cups

Microwavable mixing bowl

9×13 baking dish or make it even more fun for the kiddos but pressing them into molded pans for shaped treats


  1. Melt your candy bars and butter in microwavable mixing bowl or pot on stove (do not let bowl, just warm until melted so you don’t end up with Crisp rice concrete)
  2. Add Crisp Rice cereal
  3. Gently Mix
  4. Press into baking pan
  5. Enjoy!


What’s left cookies or rice crispy treats are another great option. 

Cookies – Take your standard chocolate chip cookie and substitute the chips for chopped up candy pieces.

Marshmallow Treats – Take your standard marshmallow treats recipes but when you mix together add in some chopped candy pieces for color, texture and added yum!


Baking may be an exact science but the mix-ins give you a lot of variations once you have a favorite base recipes nailed.


Make sure you involve the kids – they love these recipes!

kid baking