DIY Floral Ice Buckets for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration

DIY Floral Ice Buckets for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is a day that is meant for spending time with the people that bring the most love to your life. Whether you are planning a romantic date night with your significant other or a celebration with a group of your closest friends, a floral ice bucket can take your festivities to the next level.

Floral ice buckets can be paired with any Valentine’s Day table decor, no matter the event style. Planning a home-cooked dinner for two? Set the scene with rose petal ice bucket to chill your classic white wine. Hosting a brunch with your close friends? Keep the rosé fresh with a sweet pink floral and confetti ice bucket.


How to Make a Floral Ice Bucket

Floral Ice Bucket Materials


  • Large plastic container
  • Smaller plastic container (that fits a champagne bottle)
  • Floral tape
  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Filtered water


Step 1: Fill the large container with about 2 inches of filtered water.

Floral Ice Bucket step 1 Fill Water

If you don’t have filtered water on hand, you can filter it yourself. Simply boil the water twice, letting it cool in between. Once cool, pour filtered water into the large container.


Step 2: Let freeze completely.

Floral Ice Bucket step 2 Freeze

Place the container in the freezer so that the water is level. Let freeze completely. This can take up to 24 hours.


Step 3: Place smaller container in large container and fill with rocks.

Floral Ice Bucket Step 3 Fill Rocks

Place the small container on top of the ice. Be sure to center the container as best you can. Fill the smaller container with rocks to weigh it down.


Step 4: Create circular garlands of flowers that fit around the smaller container.

Floral Ice Bucket Step 4 Garland

Tape together your flowers with floral tape to create a few garlands that wrap around the smaller container. This will hold the flowers down so they don’t immediately float to the top.


Step 5: Place floral garlands in large container.

Floral Ice Bucket step 5 Garland Bucket

Situate the floral garlands around the smaller container so that they fill the large container completely.


Step 6: Add filtered water to the large container and freeze.

Floral Ice Bucket step 6 Fill Water

Use filtered water to fill the rest of the large container. Situate the flower as you’d like them to freeze. If the flowers float up and you want them to be completely covered, push them down every few hours as the water freezes. Let it freeze for 24 hours.


Step 7: Remove the containers by running hot water over them.

Floral Ice Bucket Step 7 Remove Container

Once the water is completely frozen, remove the containers. This can be done by running them under hot water so the ice melts enough to remove them.


Step 8: Display with your drink of choice!

Floral Ice Bucket Step 8 Closeup

Keep the ice bucket in the freezer until you’re ready to display. When the time is right, place it on a plate (to catch any water) and add your favorite bottle of wine.


Floral Ice Bucket Animated




Romantic Floral Ice Bucket

Floral Ice Bucket Love

Take any traditional date night to the next level with a rose-filled floral ice bucket. This romantic touch pairs perfectly with your favorite wine and chocolates.


Sweet Love Floral Ice Bucket

Floral Ice Bucket Cheers

Sweeten any get-together with a confetti floral ice bucket. Pair this ice bucket with champagne and your favorite sugary treat.


Floral Ice Bucket Ideas

Floral Ice Bucket Ideas

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It’s the little things that show someone you care. Finish off your Valentine’s Day display with a beautiful romantic bouquet that will not only surprise them, but make them feel truly special.