Easy Steps on How to Dry Your Roses

On Valentine’s Day, almost one-fourth of the adult population buys flowers for someone special in their life, primarily roses.  Getting your roses and then watching them bloom is always amazing to see over the course of a week, but what to do you do when you want to enjoy your roses longer?  In a couple easy steps, you can dry out your roses so that you can continue to enjoy them for even longer. 

Step One: Gather Your Materials


Rose drying materials


Yep, it is as easy as it looks.  All you need is scissors, some string or burlap, and then your flowers!

Step Two: Prepare the Flowers


Trimming the roses


Trim all of the leaves off while leaving a centimeter or two of sturdy stem.  This way you can use the stems to rest the flower on while it hangs. In this example, I used a piece of burlap, the thicker material allows me to hang several roses at once!


Hanging the rose


Step Three: Hang the Flowers

Tie your string around a sturdy post or rod.  Here, I hung it on the post of a chair that is not used very often and won’t be disturbed while the roses dry out.


Burlap on chair


Once you tie the string or burlap, hang the roses using the stem that was left on.



Roses Hung


Once the roses are dry they can be taken down, but be careful – the dried rose petals are very delicate!