New Product Discovery: Click & Grow

Is your green thumb closer to brown?

Mine holds steady at yellow.  I’m either over-watering my plants or I’m not watering them enough. Enter a new product that we at FTD have discovered: Click & Grow.

Click & Grow was created to take complete care of your herbs and flowers without the hassle of gardening the traditional way. Even if your green thumb is closer to brown, you can still grow pretty much anything with these smart products.

But that’s not possible? Here’s the thing – their products pretty much take care of themselves. All they need from you is some water once a month, batteries or electricity, and a little bit of love…maybe.

Herb Garden


The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden is what the “healthier” side of you and your kitchen have been dreaming about.

Remember the 2-weeks-old wilted basil in the corner of your fridge or not being able to find fresh Thyme or Lemon Balm? It’s time to leave that scene in the past with the Smart Herb Garden.

Children Watering Herb Garden

Here’s how easy it is:

The built-in LED light makes sure that your herbs will always have enough light, and it also signals when you should fill in the water tank (which happens once every 3-6 weeks). It waters itself as much and as often as the plants need, and the soil (special nano-technology growth medium aka Smart Soil) provides enough nutrients and oxygen, so that your herbs are always happy and healthy. And the set-up is so easy even kids can do it!

Need it broken down more? Here’s an infographic showing how it works:

Click & Grow: Herb Garden Infographic

click & grow infographic


The Click & Grow Smartpot with Strawberry is something you brag about to everyone you know. Unlike the Smart Herb Garden, the Smartpot with Strawberry is meant for growing a single variety – in this case, strawberry.

Click & Grow Strawberry Plant

Steps to Success with Your Click & Grow

Even though Click & Grow products are pretty effortless, they still need you to be sensible.

1) Water your plants when the light starts blinking. Simple as that.

2) Choose a spot where you have the most light throughout the day, especially during winter months.

3) Cut your herbs and start slowly using them once they reach the light – that will help them produce more and be prettier.

4) Give them a little love.


Need more inspiration? Check out the Click & Grow Recipe Pinterest Board

Click & Grow has made it even easier.  Even when you thought it wouldn’t be possible.  They have set up an entire Pinterest board with recipes for your Smartpot herbs and strawberries.  Check out more!