Building a Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Build a Winter Wonderland Feature

Are the kids getting antsy to go outside and play in this non-existent winter wonderland? While we await the snow, here’s a fun project to keep the kids busy.  This winter wonderland in a jar can be used a night light for the kids or a window decoration for your home.


What You Need:

  • Milk jar or glass pitcher (big enough to fit your winter wonderland)
  • Battery operated string of 50 lights
  • Fake snow
  • Snowman or Winter Ornament


Build a Winter Wonderland Things


Step One: Let There Be Light

First, put half of your string of lights in the jar.  The battery pack should go first.  This way the snow will bury the battery pack.


Build a Winter Wonderland Battery Pack


Step Two: Let It Snow

Slowly sprinkle snow into the jar.  Be sure to cover the bottom of the jar, including the battery pack.  This will give your wintery wonderland a ground for your snowman, Santa Claus, or the ornament of your choice to sit on.


Winter Wonderland Fake Snow


Step Three: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Next, place your ornament of choice in the center of your jar.  Be sure that it will stand up on its own!


Winter Wonderland Ornament


Step Four: Final Touches

Put the rest of the lights in the jar surrounding your ornament.  Then sprinkle a little bit of snow on the top.


Winter Wonderland Final


This fun project will be a perfect indoor activity for everyone in the family.  Everyone’s jar can represent them with different color lights or your favorite ornament.  Need some help finding an ornament?  Here are some gifts that could work!