The Perfect Mother’s Day: Sunday Brunch

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Mother’s Day is one of those special times when we all stop and recognize our mothers and their undying love and strength. I will always cherish the fact that my mother was at every dance recital, took me to school every day, always had a home-cooked meal prepared for dinner and was always there to help with homework. My mother would lose sleep if it meant helping someone in need — she is the Energizer Bunny and my idol.

Every mother is unique, so take the extra time to create a unique experience and memory for her. My mother is one who appreciates a good meal cooked in the comfort of her own home, so this year I turned to FTD to help me create that special moment I know she will love. A gourmet food gift basket is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and was also the perfect place to start for my breakfast preparations.


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I brought the basket home and used the products to help create the perfect Sunday brunch menu – it has everything and then some. This basket is a gift that keeps giving, as all the products, aside from the fruit, can be reused. This way my mother can remember our brunch each time she uses them. The best part? The basket essentially built the menu allowing me to focus on other things such as dressing the table — my favorite part!



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We rarely get the chance to use my mother’s wedding china, so this was the perfect moment to add another beautiful memory to the day. My grandmother collected one piece at a time during the 1940s until she had eight complete sets, which she then gifted to my mother for her wedding. This brunch wouldn’t have been complete without the sentiment of the china or its beautiful floral design. I topped the table off with these gorgeous assorted tulips from FTD which complimented the china and added a fresh scent to the room. I repurposed the basket and placed it on the table to showcase the fruit. This made for a great centerpiece and just added some more color to the table.


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Once the table was set, it was on to the cooking! The fruit made for the perfect garnish and appetizer to our pancake breakfast. There is nothing like fresh grapefruits to kick start your morning. Try cutting them in half, sprinkling a half-teaspoon of brown sugar on top and then baking them for a few minutes at 350.


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I wanted to keep the breakfast light and fresh. The pancakes were a quick one-two step that made me look like a gourmet chef by topping them off with some fresh raspberries and the Cinnamon Apple Syrup. The Wild Maine Blueberry Jam is an excellent substitute if you’re someone who doesn’t like syrup. After pouring us some English breakfast tea, it was time to enjoy the meal and the day with my mother.


mother's day brunch pancakes


Photo credit: Cassandra Eldridge



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