Ten Unique Ways to Incorporate Floral Into Your Holiday Décor

By Max Wilker, Better Homes and Gardens®

At Better Homes and Gardens, we love decorating for the holidays and there’s nothing better than adding fresh flowers to the mix. Here are 10 creative floral projects to dress up your home this holiday season. From trendy and bold to traditional and sweet, we’ve got ideas for you!

Window Wreath

wreath centerpiece and trees for Christmas

Fresh holiday wreaths can be creatively used in many spaces around the house from the front door to greet guests to being the focal point above your fireplace. Check out our festive idea to hang a wreath in a window! Also looks great in the guest bedroom.

Mini Woodland Setting with Roses and Hydrangea

flowers holly and moss for Christmas decoration

Take cues from nature for a one-of-a-kind arrangement featuring red roses, white hydrangea, hypericum berries and pine branches. Be creative with your container by wrapping it with textured bark from fallen trees and accenting the base with various colors of moss.

Simple and Sweet Bouquets

white roses and pine needles in vase Christmas decoration

This Christmas flower arrangement is simple and sweet. Fill your favorite large glass with cut roses and pieces of pine. For an extra merry touch, include cranberries in the bottom of the glass. This is perfect for your guest bathroom sink or line 5 of them down your dining table as a centerpiece.

Mantel Multiples

centerpiece and floral bouquet for Christmas table

Don’t just put one pretty Christmas floral arrangement on your mantel, use multiples on the mantel for floral abundance! Combine greenery with a bold bouquet and ornaments for a creative display.

Orchids for Upscale Holiday

purple orchid and glass beads for Christmas decoration

Who doesn’t love orchids? There are over 20,000 types of orchids, and the wide range of colors and varieties makes them perfect for any holiday flower arrangement. Orchids are easy to care for and can bloom for as long as four months. Fill an oversized container or vase with your favorite color of orchid and a variety of small, shimmery ornaments to create a Christmas floral décor project. Watering once a week will keep your festive orchid fresh for the whole holiday season

Mix it Up

white roses pears and strawberries fruit for Christmas Decoration

Nothing beats the fragrance of fresh roses. For the holidays, start by placing your favorite variety in a pretty, festive container or urn. Fill in with bits of boxwood and evergreen. Now for a creative Christmas flower arrangement idea, add crisp fruit, such as small pears or apples.

Poinsettia Tower

poinsettia plants for Christmas

A holiday favorite, a poinsettia makes for a great addition to Christmas decor. Step away from the traditional potted poinsettia and create an arrangement with tiny vases. Mix and match varieties and create a centerpiece using cake stands. Cut poinsettias can last in fresh water for up to two weeks so a poinsettia tower can easily last from the family Christmas Eve gathering to your New Year’s Eve party.

Serve Up Some Roses

candle in a vase flowers Christmas decoration

For a coffee table arrangement, cut short stems of roses, herbs, and greens. Place single stems in mini vases and arrange around a large pillar candle. Surround with ornaments and other greenery to bring in the traditional colors of Christmas. Corral it all on your favorite serving tray. Use an unscented candle so the fragrance of the roses is the star.

Mini Tree Time

cupcakes miniature trees Christmas decorations

To get the most use from your indoor holiday decorating accents, choose materials and ideas that can transition from day to night or from quiet family evenings to larger festive gatherings. These mini trees, wrapped in plain craft paper adorned with a single felt star, work just as well on their own as they do when adding holiday cheer to a nighttime dessert party. Footed ceramic platters hold bite-size appetizers and sweets that can change with the occasion.

Color Change Up

flowers and glass beads Christmas decoration

Look beyond the usual colors of Christmas and flaunt the frilly, two-toned petals of the parrot tulips. Play off their chartreuse stripes by adding ferns to the bouquet and snippets of spruce at the base in a metallic serving tray. Carry-on the color theme by filling clear containers with blue, green, and metallic––new and old––ornaments.  Looking for other fun ways to decorate your home this holiday season? These family ornaments and these animal ornaments may be just what you are looking for!


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