Elegant Tea Party Ideas for A Memorable Mother’s Day Celebration

Wondering how you’re going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

Why not surprise her with an elegant tea party? It’s the perfect way to thank mom for everything she’s done for you and to show her just how much you love her. What’s better than treating mom with an afternoon of sweet desserts, delicate finger foods, and an endless supply of her favorite teas? An adult tea party is also the perfect excuse to don those sun dresses and get dressed up with all of your favorite ladies.

Speaking of favorite ladies, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating all of the influential women in your life. Whether it’s honoring your grandma, mother-in-law, or even your sister who’s just become a new mom, a ladies’ tea party is the perfect way to gather up all of the women you cherish in one place.

To help you plan the perfect get-together, we’ve curated the most darling and inspiring tea party ideas available. Read on to discover creative ways to decorate your tea party, like using tea tins and tea pots as vases to display floral arrangements. We’ve also included unique food and dessert ideas to include in your tea party menu like luxurious French macarons, floral cupcakes, and tea sandwiches. Of course, no tea party is complete without a generous supply of tea and coffee so we’ve rounded a few ideas on how to serve them, too.

We’ve curated all of these ideas into four handy visuals along with quick tips so that you can easily recreate the experience yourself. These ideas will help you realize that throwing a tea party is really a piece of cake! Happy planning!

Tea party centerpiece ideas

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No tea party is complete without beautiful florals! Create a unique arrangement by upcycling old or vintage tea tins and using them as vases. Don’t worry if your tea tins are worn or rusting, it only adds to their nostalgic appeal.For the ultimate conversation piece, top your display with a lace parasol. To maintain the floral feel, consider dressing up your dessert display with fresh  roses, peonies, and ranunculuses.

If you’re looking for a centerpiece with height and dimension, try stacking flower arrangements and props on top of books. Just like the tea pots, older is better when it comes to your books. Flea markets and thrift stores are great places to find these gems. Choose classic novels or old dictionaries and encyclopedias. After the tea party, you can display them on your living room shelves or on your coffee table.


Tea party foods and desserts

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The saying is true, we definitely eat with our eyes first. Therefore, the key to pulling off the perfect tea party is to serve treats that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

To start the party off right, you’ll want to serve savory foods first like tea sandwiches and toasts. Remember to keep everything finger food-sized so that your guests can enjoy each item in a few bites. Reinvent the classic tea sandwiches by serving them open faced. Smear with cream cheese and layer on thin  slices of cucumber, radishes or strawberries. For a more substantial treat, use thicker slices of hearty bread to create gourmet toasts topped with goat cheese, figs and honey.

Most would agree that desserts are the best part of any tea party. What’s better than pairing your favorite Earl Grey tea with a sweet French macaron? Getcreative with your dessert offerings by serving cake pops, gourmet donuts, and cupcakes topped with real rose buds or rose petals.

To truly wow your party guests, place cake pops and other bite-sized treats in a glass vase or jar, or display larger treats like donuts in a decorative stand. Nestle cupcakes inside a teacup for a classy presentation.


Teas and other beverages

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Tea is definitely the star of the show at any tea party, so get creative with how you serve it to your guests. Stack vintage teacups and mismatched saucers on the table and allow your guests to choose their own combination.

Classic teas to serve at your tea party include: Earl Grey, green tea, and English breakfast tea. For guests who might be sensitive to caffeine, be sure to serve non-caffeinated options like chamomile, white tea, or herbal tea.

Of course tea isn’t the only type of beverage you can serve at the party. Coffees, lattes and hot cocoa are great additions. Serve fruity mimosas after tea to make things extra fun!

Do away with boring jars and containers by serving sugar creatively! Instead, offer crystal- sugared wands so that your guests can easily swirl in the sweetness. You can also create your own DIY sugar cubes by pressing loose sugar into molds and coloring them with a dash of food coloring, like the pink heart-shaped ones below.


Tea party tablescapes

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In addition to decorating your table with fresh flowers, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect tea party tablescape.

Think outside the box by hanging pretty lace parasols overhead to create the perfect tea party ambiance.

For the table, take pink or pastel-colored cloth napkins and fold them into fun shapes like hearts. Accessorize your places settings with classy gold silverware. You can also customize each setting with a decorative name card. For an extra touch of elegance, try hand lettering your guests’ names.

Welcome your guests by placing a menu on top of each place so that your guests can anticipate the delicious treats and desserts you’ll be serving all afternoon.


Now that you’ve got all the ideas you need to pull off the most memorable tea party for Mother’s Day, the next step is to invite all of the women in your life that you cherish. Hosting a tea party is the perfect occasion to show mom and all of your favorite ladies just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Hosting a tea party is

Since Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, take advantage of the warm spring weather by taking the party outdoors. Be sure to provide plenty of shade using umbrellas or setting up the party underneath a covered patio.

For more Mother’s Day ideas, browse our artisan-designed bouquets and centerpieces to inspire your tea party decor.



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